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Outdoor Cannabis World cup - Registration Thread

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Green House Seeds Company invites you to participate in the third part of the Cannabis World Cup Trilogy, the Outdoor part!

Where besides having the chance to win great prizes, you can try our incredible nutrients and new genetics.

Green House Seeds Co. wants to thank you for your dedication to this incredible trilogy of contests.

We have made great efforts in organizing this trilogy in which we'll distribute more than 85,000 €, divided between trips, cash, bonds web

seeds, nutrients and many surprises. We hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed organizing it.


- Any adult person who is registered on Strainhunters.com (with a minimum of 30 posts) or Cannabiscafe.net (with a minimum of 100 posts) can enter this contest.

- We will distribute FREE seeds to the first 300 participants (10 fem seeds per grower(no auto), strain selected by Strain Hunters Seed Bank).

We require a complete and detailed grow journal, to be updated weekly on one of the forums (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com). (NO US or canada)

- A maximum of two crops per person is accepted (not with the same strain). Crops can be blogged on one of the two forums, or both (Cannabiscafe.net - Strainhunters.com). Each crop must be blogged independently, without using the same text or pictures for more than one journal.

-Will be disqualified, anyone not following the rules of the forum or of conviviality. And anyone using multi-nick


Grow journals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

- Originality, both in the resources used in the crop and in the presentation of the updates.

- The quality and number of pictures, and posting frequency.

- The state of the plants during their evolution and the final results.

- The amount of explanations about the grow, harvest and taste report, and fellowship toward the readers and participants.

CONTEST PRIZES 2nd Part "Outdoor"

1st Prize

A trip for the winner + 1 guest to Amsterdam for one week. Includes travel, accommodation and 1500€ in cash (at arrival in Amsterdam).

2nd Prize

€ 1,000 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

3rd Prize

€ 750 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

4th Prize

€ 500 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

5th Prize

€ 250 cash + kit Powder Feeding nutrients.

6th to 15th Prize

A bonus of € 150 for each of the Grow journal that are ranked between sixth and fifteenth place to spend on the Green House webshop www.greenhouseseeds.nl/shop


If you are selected in the top five awards and you used the Powderfeeding nutrients, you'll receive a very special prize that will be announced sometimes during the contests.

The first 300 participants will get the Powderfeeding for free (the best type for the genetics they get).

In order to be eligible for the extra prize the rest of the participants must purchase a minimum of 1kg of any Powderfeeding fromwww.powderfeeding.ch during the contest.

The contest will begin on May 1 2013, and end on November 15th 2013, with winners announced before November 30. Everyone is completely free to participate by buying seeds of any variety from Green House Seeds Co. through its website greenhouseseeds.nl

and showing up in the beginning of the journal the original packaging. The deadline to start the journal and enter the contest is July 15.

To enter you just have to respond to this thread requesting participation and the moderating team will tell you in private how to ask for free seeds and

nutrients (only for the first 300 requests). Users that will ask for participation somewhere else than in this thread will not be allowed to participate. Same goes for the participants that didn't start their previous journal after receiving a kit, they will not be allowed to register.

The plant MUST be flowered during it's entire flowering cycle Outdoor to be able to compete in the World Cup and win the prizes. NO seeds will be sent to US or Canada and the winner will be picked between this forum and cannabiscafe.


- In brief -

Good luck to all participants and may the best win!


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- Rules to be able to Participate (Outdoor) -

- The entire bloom should be done outdoors, either on the terrace, guerrilla, greenhouse **, orchard / garden ...

- Vegetative Growth can be done both indoors and outdoors, remembering that bloom is only permitted outdoors.

- Clones are allowed only if you show the complete process (from germination of the seeds supplied for the Outdoor cup, to the process of CUTTINGS).

- WE DO NOT send any kit to whom previously requested free kit and has not followed up or does not meet the requirements set out in the previous post.

** Shall be demonstrated by images / video that the greenhouse is located on the outside and not inside a house, shed or similar.

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hihi first one ^^ count me in ^^

great! this year i'll start outdoor to. i'm in hunters!


I want in carnt wait to see wat the strains are are they new peace

heyhey I´m also in if possible :D

thanks a lot GreenHouse and StrainHunters Team !!

Hey guys! The 4 of You have registered in the autoflowering cup it seems, and none has started the journal yet, so as it is said in the rules you will have to wait tilll you start your journals to be able to enter sorry! but i'm sure we'll see that soon :)

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Ok, I think I'll go for it, count me in ;) The veg inside is a great help and should suit my criteria ;)

Again, for a third time, thanks for the opportunity ;) I'll give it my best :) x

Edit - Also, I will create my auto-flowering journal in a few weeks. I need to setup my flowering room and get it dialled in for optimum growth ;)

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Iam in! :D



Welcome in the cup Guys ;)

Ok, I think I'll go for it, count me in wink.png The veg inside is a great help and should suit my criteria wink.png

Again, for a third time, thanks for the opportunity wink.png I'll give it my best smile.png x

Edit - Also, I will create my auto-flowering journal in a few weeks. I need to setup my flowering room and get it dialled in for optimum growth wink.png

Im in ! Uploading my other journal later today or tomorrow!

Peace and blessing !! :)

to be Fair to everyone i will ask you to come back when the journals will be started ;) ;) should come quick i'm sure ;)

good luck guys!!

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how + where do i register?

i think it should be 100% outdoor (just my 2 cents worth)

Perhaps you haven't read the rules deep enough if you ask ;)

And thanks for your 2 cents, but the Dollar wins :P :P haha kidding ;) but rules are like this ;)

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hehe, tired brain..

anyway, one has to wait until 01may2013 to register? how does it work for seeds?

I sent you the PM for the datas welcome in the cup ;) And make sure to read entirely the rules when brain will be less tired :P :P

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Count me in : i would do it together with auto strains :)

I'm very sorry man, i know you would do it! it's not a problem of trust but to be fair to everyone i cn't say yes to you as long as your auto journal isn't started, i'm sure you'll still have time to enter the outdoor till then :)

If at all possible I would love a shot at this. Thanks for the great promotions.


Welcome in the cup man i send you the PM ;)

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I want in please Intresting to see how they grow in a Dutch Climate. Hopeing for a great summer as it's still feels like Winter here at the moment. Had plans for an outdoor grow from May.

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i did say to you dust that i was not going to enter because the uk weather but what the hell, i love me and outdoor grow :D

count me in !!!!!!!!!!!!! please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you know what the strains are yet?

good luck all

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