Expogrow Argentina 2013

By Mr.X in News & Announcements,
BUENOS AIRES - there are few words able to describe our disappointment after what happened here during the last three days. We spent the last few weeks building up expectations about the first ExpoGrow in Argentina, organizing the material for the stand, shipping pellets of merchandise, and dreaming about our first personal contact with the Argentinian growers, breeders and smokers. We landed in Buenos Aires on wednesday night, after 14 hours in the airplane, and already thursday morning we had a strange feeling. Quickly confirmed by the email we received: the cannabis cup organized for friday 29 march would not take place, because of a problem with the Police and the permits. But Pablo, the organizer of the expo, was nowhere to be found. His press officer released a statement saying that the expo would go on normally on saturday and sunday. But this was just the beginning of a series of messages, phone calls emails and corridor voices. For three days, up until few hours ago, it's been complete organizational chaos, a real disaster. The expo was officially canceled on friday night, but we still did not meet Pablo. Finally on saturday a meeting was held to discuss the issue, but still no Pablo. So we gave up, and accepted the fact that this was just a waste of our time. We are truly shocked at the lack of organizational skills of ExpoGrow Buenos Aires. It's a pity for the cannabis industry as a whole. Let's hope the very many serious players of the argentinian cannabis industry will be able to make up for this shame in the near future. pd photos (of the city) coming soon.
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