*New contest* Bud Of The YEAR Contest - 2013

Bud Of The YEAR   39 members have voted

  1. 1. What Bud is the Bud Of The YEAR for you??

    • Wiethoofds And his "White Lemon"
    • IceSkunk And his "Kosher Kush"
    • disqualified
    • Bedz and his Lemon Skunk
    • sshkiper and his White russian
    • Kathmandu and his Shark widow
    • Mr.Green and his Critical Jack
    • Ubrnaninja and his Presidential OG
    • Miminexus and his FlowerBomb Kush
    • Mc Radikal and his Peyotte purple
    • Levente and his FlowerBomb Kush

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Hello Hunters!

I am glad to introduce to you this "new contest" !! Hope you will like it wink3.gif

The rules are very simple and will be as follow:

-Each month you guys participate in our Bud of the Month Contest, and we thank you for that, some very nice entries every month and we feel like a little more could be done wink3.gif

So the winner of each month will be selected and automaticly entered in the "Bud of the YEAR contest"

A poll will be made and edited month by month adding the previous Month winner and on January 1st we will give you a month to vote for the bud of the Year.

-The winner will win a special badge and a package with some goodies, to be determined but probably a little Powderfeeding, stickers, grinders, and some other things, and if the winner is in Europe probably a little seeds wink3.gif

SO remember!!

-NO self-nomination

- Only way to enter is to win the Bud of the Month Contest

-One nomination per member

-You are Free to vote whenever you want, but we recommand to wait at least half of the year before making a choice wink3.gif

Now let's rock those Monthly Contest and give the members a good Show fans.giffans.giffans.gif

Good luck everyone

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1° Wiethoofds and his "White Lemon"



2° IceSkunk and his "Kosher Kush"



3° disqualified


4° BEDZ and his Lemon SKunk



5° sshkiper and his White Russian



6° Kathmandu and his Shark Widow



7° Mr.Green and his Critical Jack



8° Urbanninja and his Presidential OG



9° Miminexus and his FlowerBomb Kush



10° Mc Radikal and his Peyotte purple








11°  Levente and his Flowerbomb Kush


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Buuuudporn oh yes it is ....and a nice look back into 2013 also ..... some nice crops were done.... so gd luck to all of you for the Yearly Award!!!

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