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Hey guys im new to this forum and completing my first autoflower grow ever. I grew Stitch;s Formula 1, it is an f1 cross that should be released to the public by the end of this year. Grown in a 5gal bag using an amended fox farms organic soil. We used a simple 2 part feed with Ionic grow with hygrozyme and kushie kush with molasses and hygrozyme, nothing else. Started her under a 250mh then added a 250hps, then added a mixed spec 4ft t5 and finished her last 2.5 weeks under a 600w hps 250w mh and 200w 4ft t4.

Had a blast growing this strain from the start she was a very hearty plant with a thick stalk and many large side branches. Has some lemony tones with a beautiful skunk undertone to really make her stink when aggitated. Growing to 28in tall and 29in wide before we bonded her to the main stalk for suppport. She was large and in charge.

We did a staggered chop first taking any tops that looked ready with about 25% amber trichs, a few days later we took down the lower nugs and left the top with a few higher side branches with golfball sized nuggets. As of today we are starting to cure everything but the main cola which will be taken down this evening, we have a dry weight of 89g of primo nugs and about 5-7g of shakey under developed buds. Thinking the top alone will be over 1 ounce so this was a very successful haul.

Let me know what you think,

P.S. When I get more time I will start my photo period journal that is 5 days into flower.

P.S.S. I will be growing more of Stitch's new strains before they come to market so stay tuned for more updates :cool:









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Welcome on the forum man, that's a nice auto lady indeed, nice bud production and nice look :)

Thanks for sharing your pics i'll stick around to follow her story :P

Have a good drying and growing for the next one

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