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Greetings from Europe

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Hi mods,

I'm here to learn the real old school techniques of organic growing (enzymatic reactions from feeding the micro-organisms with brewed teas of sugar cane molasses, humic and fulvic acid, Ascophyllum Nodosum extracts, Alfalfa, enzymatic concentrates like Humboldt Mayan Microzyme...)

I'm already quite good but I need more information, and I also would like to learn how to use mineral nutrients with enzymes.

Basically, I'm here to speak with real professionals. That's the reason why I'm here. I want to LEARN botanics.

I hope you will provide me all the information possible to improve even further.

As I already have a very important question, I'm going to write a new thread right now.

"Watering and drying cycles - Greenhouse's advice"

I hope to read you there


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Hi man! Welcome on SH forum!

You say hi to mods and not to other members?? :P :P haha kidding ;) Glad to have you aboard you seem to have already a nice knowledge about some nute things that i'm sure a looot of members would love to read a little more about too ;) So if you feel like sharing some thing while you're here please don't hesitate to do so!! We love everything we can see ;)

For learning i hope you will find what you are looking for around here we have looots f threads about pretty much everything, and if you don't find just create a new one and ask for it we'll see what happens ^^ You will find some great articles written by Franco here : http://www.strainhunters.com/site/index.php/index.html/_/articles/grow-articles/ might be a good start for you ;)

If you have any problem on the forum just ask one of the mod and we'll help you out ;)

Have a good discovering of the place ;)

See ya onnline

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