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Yop Guys so, old rules beeing Gone i'll write this new thread to remind them even tho they are pretty simples


As our old members know we are very relaxed forum and we don't have that much rules to follow:

-Seed trading on the Forum is Forbidden by the law AND by the rules, so please don't talk about trading seeds on the board! What you do in your real life is not our concern, but not on our board


- NEVER sale or ask to buy anything on the board, weed, mushrooms, products of any kind,... Depending on the cases members will be warned AND/OR banned

-Stay polite and gentle with everyone even if you don't agree with something, anyone starting to call other members any names or badwords will be warned and/or banned depending on how rude he was. Of course everyone can have arguments just do it politly


- Anyone can share any link as long as it is not on commercial purpose or clearly spamming, any forum, brand, seedbank, link it if it serves your thread


Thanks everyone for reading i will edit with time if i remember somethings i forgot to put!

cheeers enjoy our wonderful forum


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You can make a place were people can change they seeds for seeds from other users. I think it will be a popular place, and people can get some different seeds any time without disturbing the main lead

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so few rules we didn't even get to rule number five, which we all know is pass it on you Bogart! xD:P

Paece tokin.gif


tumblr_m3m053oPzL1r6sqoro1_500.gif couldn't resist this gif I found on tumbler mmm  looks yummy



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On 10/6/2016 at 3:09 AM, Sudz said:

Es contra las reglas para añadir reglas?

What do you propose? :)

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On 24.9.2016 at 7:40 PM, jankahar said:

rule number 5: You do not talk about the growers club outside of the growers club lol

Well, jankahar, I guess because you and I don't talk about anything else, that means that the next time we meet each other, we just can't talk to each other anymore.

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It is now legal to 'give away' weed, seed and plants in many western US states now. So in effect it is legal to trade/exchange them here. Not this site 'here', this location where I am living 'here' (in Oregon, but I believe this is also the case in California, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Maine, Washington state, Washington DC and Mass.). As long as the exchange does not cross state lines.

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