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NLxSkunk #1 Taffy BHO

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I have to say i disagree is BHO doesn't look dark or redish. I know there is a big debate going on online between BHO and ISO nd i've read a nice article about dangers of BHO in hightimes last time http://hightimes.com/read/dab-or-not-dab I know science still misses a lot of values about butane and the extraction a lotd of people make nowadays and sonce 10 years. And for me it is not good to dab on a daily basis anyway unless you're using it on medical purporse so i think it might not be as bad as what we think if it's only ocasional, can't be worst than the butane we inhale when we light up with crappy lighter ;) ;)

But you're iso looks good and i'm sure it tastes good i'm gonna try soo to do some gotta find some fresh trimming., looks darker than bho and a little greener is it because of some chloro extracted? or regular color for iso, i'll see and study on that subject :) Let's try to not polute SSH78 Threads To share his pictures, if you want to make a ISO or BHO thread i'm sure everyone will be pleased to read it and perhaps participate in it ;) Just remember to respect everyone's opinion and point of view! ( not saying you aren't here don't take me wrong) :)

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I never said i was a pro. Plus its called BHO (Butane Honey Oil) not iso. I only make it for me to learn and smoke myself. Plus if you know a better way or diff. method than feel free to teach us or share your tips with us. I only show my pics to share them with my fellow hunters so we can learn together. We are a big family in the Strain Hunter cannabis community and are here to help each other to get the best results no matter what it may be in life. Cheers mate! :)

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I must get back on point and say that your BHO looks real nice SSH78 ;) Good job dude :) Been thinking about a hand vacuum pump made from a brake bleeder, how's she run? :)

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Whip before you vac and itll help remove nasties Better. I Dont Know First Hand But A Guy Did a Nice Study With Testing In An Article On The Net. Looks Yummy yummy. I Dont Mess With Butane But i Will Smoke That goodness You Got. I Cant Play With Butane Though, i Got Bad Luck With Stuff that Can Go Wrong Doing So. Everclear Has A Higher Threashold for Dumbness Lol Everclear Is My buddy

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Hey, if any of you are interested in pulling really good vacuums with virtually no effort?


If you already have a decent compressor, try hooking-up a Gast venturi-vacuum pump.  No moving parts, easy hook-up.  Bam!


I am familiar with the VG-130-00-00 seen on this page:




But for little jars like you have, the VG-010-00-00 is good enough, just have to supply your own manometer if you want to monitor the vacuum. 

27 in-Hg (or 99 mbar) is the deepest vacuum possible from these models.  Note that not all models pull so deep a vacuum.

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