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green fella

iv just been robbed

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i cant believe it im acc shaking wit anger writing this jus got hom to find the side door of my garage ajar and nearly everyting is gone inc my two

tents containing 36 exodus a week from harvest i acc feel sick even took my snap-on tools my compressor numerour power tools even a 1/4 full bag of

powderfeed cant believe this jus happened..i jus dismantled my ventilation system as iim now waiting on the cops to arrive the told me they cud be an

hour as five other houses in d area have bin robbed also.............and the say ders a god? i hav jus takin d biggest hit of my life

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thank god for dat the cops jus called they arrested two males in the red transit...havto go to the station in the morning n show dem wots mine...sick im loosin the green but atleast im gettin my other tings back..il let yas no more wen i no myself

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Tell the cops you seen the guys in the red transit selling in your neighbourhood, stitch the thieving bastards right up.

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sorry to hear that man, hope it was random and not someone you know at least they got caught they know you grow if they got away with it then then could come back when you setup another grow and take it all again:(

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damn it sucks! i've been robbed 2 times in my life and it always suck when you know someone stole your thing!! but t least it seems you got 2 people to blame, let's just hope they don't say yeah but this guy had 36 exodus in his garage :s unless it's allowed for you?

But anyway best of luck man to finish that story!

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no not allowed for me dust..

so dis is how it is i went to the station dismornin an my gf father was der (hes a cop n doesnt know i grow r antin like dat) but not based at dat station so he basically took over the case

so in i went abit sketchy but all was good dey had d van in der compound i pointed out wot was mine minus my gear n green n gave him a list for record. il get my tings by d end of d

week as its now evidence..from wot i saw d van was full of stuff was like alladins cave in der it rely brought a tear to my eye to see my gear jus squashed up in der but no pots dey

obviously cut my plants n ditched d pots as i cud jus make out sum leaf n a fat cola pokin out of a black bag bastards....but it seems every cloud has a silver lining the boys dat robbed me

wer two romanian gypsies n dey claim dey robbed d van n all was inside it but i doubt it will stick but it puts me in d clear on d green side of tings...so der bein held for a special sittin of

court in d mornin hope d judge throws d book at dem..

so now i gotta get bak on d horse get new gear n start a big sweet mang grow wish me luck folks

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Ok ok thanks for the lil story, little hard to read it net time try not to use abbreviation it's not easy to read for non english talkers ;)

Good luck man

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People just aint got any morals anymore

even the police they was the.only people around at the time they was undercover and they came round for my partner .anyway after they.left i was in enough.shock as it.is.so i went to roll a joint i had a resealable bag with 9 ounces in and yep the bloody dogs took the whole bag i could not believe it all i.had left was dried leaf cuttings for some hash i had to smoke that

what a joke lol you live an learn

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Tell me abawt it hade some dloke brake in mine wile i was asleep an nick my tv an ps3 only ternd out it woz my dealers son an he lived like 3 doors down from me gose to prove what some people will do scum

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