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Alaskan ice

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How hard is it to grow? No l heard storys about alasken ice or vice versa,just do not want to get into somthing that turns into a nightmare because of my lack of knowledge,l also relize the way to learn is to push the button Thanks in advance Rick

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Hi! Dust its to eary to be thinking,its one or the other!when you send me a email can l respond from my site straight to you? Or do l have to come back to the main site. Thanks Again Rick

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ok ^^ Alaskan ice i don't know i have tried only hawaian snow, it's pretty sensitive girls but like most of the sativas.

Good luck man hope someone helps you out ;)

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hey Dust,

sorry if its not to topic but, even if its sensitive... can you recommend the hawaian snow? I would really like to try it this year....


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yes i highly recommend it the Smoke is just awesome! and growth is sensitive but if you know it and don't overfeed her she grows perfectly nicely, pretty tall girl so just make sure to have room ;) sorry Rick for the spoiling ^^

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I'm with you Dust on the awesomeness of the Hawaiian Snow. Got some hash from it that was amazing...

How tall can she get? I had some Lemon Skunk in my 1,8m tent that was just about fitting ok when flowered at 30cm. Does the snow stretch much more when transferred to flower?

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yes she stretch quite a lot, i haddone her in 12/12from seed and she was about 1m20 i think, but it depends on pheno too.. maybe she would like topping i don't know didn't try

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