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K.I.S.S Arjan's Haze #3 / 56L Root Pouch / 50/50 Soil/Coco

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Hi hunters.

Showing our K.I.S.S-project with Arjan's Haze #3

Lovely strain <3

We decided to try Root Pouches and bought the biggest size available to us, a 56 litre one.

Pure coco was out of the question, since we wanted to keep the weekends as "maintenance free" as possible, and wanted to water with tap water without any ammendments or ph measurements/adjustements.

So 50/50 ATAMI Janeco Light Mix & Coco coir

Light mix seemed to be an ok mix with NPK 12-14-24 but we decided to add some slowly released fertilizer grains in to the mix with NPK 14-3-12 that will last after janeco wears out. After flowering starts, we'll start feeding with Flora Nova Bloom. Light first and slowly up it to around 15ml/10l and then start thinking about flushing in the end.

We've topped the plant couple of times and lst'd it a bit to get a decent amount of medium sized colas.

Started with 20/4 lights, a week after first topping reduced lights to 18/6, topped again and lst'd and switched to 14/10 and now we flipped to 11/13 and started feeding bloom. 4x 23-26w esl during first 3 weeks of veg and after that, under 400w spna.

To this day we have only fed the plant with straight tap water on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays with a little runoff.

And now for the pics:













See you later folks, gonna up more photos in mid flower.

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looking beautiful man, for sure that lady will end up with a beautiufl yeild if you got the ligth to feed those buds ^^

And it seems like your mix worked well for you if you haven't feed her yet it's a nice growth :)

I move your thread to the good room here is only for the world cup and is closed now :)

Have a good grow keep us updated on her ;)

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Time for an update =)

We've fed it with Flora Nova Bloom a few times. Started at 8ml/gal but leafs started to look so dark green that we dropped it to 6ml/gal. Feeding on mondays and thursdays, plain water on tuesdays and fridays. Got some MaxiBloom as a sample and going to give it a try at 7g/gal next few weeks on feedings to see what the difference is. Powder Feeding would also be worth testing some day.

So: Week 3 of flowering







Hoping the end result is this pheno:


Looking good so far, we'll just have to wait and see :P

See you later.

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looking great man that lady has became a real woman now, beautiful structure and beautiful sativa leaves!

and yes for sure PF is worth trying you should like it i think if you give it a go ^^

Thanks for the news man keep them coming,

Have a good grow

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love the way those Hazes grow buds man, i had pretty much the same growth pattern on buds with the Arjan ultra Haze 1 when it fills out in end of flowering it gives some awesome buds :)

Thanks for the update man lady seems t be going very well and enjoying that flowering time ^^

Have a good grow!

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Thanks for the comments. I'll take some new photos in the end of the week. Keeping the leaves happy, the fruits will follow ;P

And yeah, I've tasted some different pheno's of AH#3 and overall it's a good and mild daysmoke that motivates to do stuff. While having some fun doing it ofcourse =) I don't really understand people who wants to smoke their butts to the couch and be so stoned that calculating 3x3x7 becomes impossible.

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