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first outdoor this year

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so i threw out one of the afgooey crosses that i got when the afgoo we had got male flowers and seed,we think it could be big bang or jack herer, anyway i had an extra so i popped it into a coco pot and put in a tiny plastic greenhouse with some fleece over it,to start with she was suffering so i just left her and forgot about her,but few days ago i looked and she has started to sprout new shoots, that i found unreal since we have had snow 3 times since i put out and bad snow and ice at that but i think it actuallt gave it strength as she is now looking better,the burns on the leaves are where it was touching the plastic cloche but she is now just under fleece, and doing ok,,i will post again in few weeks finger crossed,i would tell you how old it is but i really have no clue,lol . i think its about 20-25 days ish,




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looking good so far, we can already recognize those cute little round leaves coming from afgooey :) Hope it will go female and till the end of flowering ;)

Have a good grow

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well the new growth looks happy, i guess if weather is good she will be fine :)

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well if she is still up she is a strong lady after 3 snow storm :) :)

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I know right, to be honest im Really shocked . this was the afgooey from the indoor cup that had been pollinated by eother big bang 2 , jack herer or ak47,lol im actually thinking about getting some of that spray to get some fem seeds from it , even if its not that freat bud I think id still try n get the good from it and use it to get a good starin for the weather in my area

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