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GreenHead Kev

Hello Growers!! This Is My New Home

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Hello all..

Growers, puffers, and anyone into hemp"

I'm GreenHead Kev From England But Now In Ireland.

Smoking Cannabis From 1998 & Growing From 2002.

I Work With Canna And Light Mix Soil

Worked With 10 GHS Strains in The Last 6 years.

Looking to know more about growers tips, hints & more"

Chat soon and can you add people on here to a friends list?? If so Great News!!

Peace out peeps and keep up the good work ✌


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Got these seeds around 3weeks old and I did 20 white widow but only 13 popped! I think myself it was the old packaging as one white widow seeds was in a old packet.. Cool tho" got some freebies, save them for a rainy day.. Lol

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Welcome on SH forum man!!

10 GHS strains that's already a nice score and i hope we'll keep seeing many around here with you ;) Yes you can add people as friend, you can chat, send PM all usual lthings ^^

If you have any problem on the forum just ask one of the team and we'll d our best to help you out.

I'll be waiting to see what you got to share with us :D

Have a good discovering of the place

See ya online

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Hope to have some photos up very soon., as I'm not in a cup just yet,, can I still make my own diary about my grow?? If so where do I start!! I can't see me leaveing this place in a rush

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If you have autoflowering strains from GHS you can still enter the auto world cup if you want. But for every other strains or regular journal it's in the room mopman gave you :)

Good luck man

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Sorry guys I love the autos but the rest of my workers are not fans for her type, did a few back in the day. But I think this year I'm looking for a winner to go with my white widow.. Have 3 tree on the go but I can't see them being a winner like the white widow" do like the bubba kush but then again this site could help me find the number 2..

Have a

Black Russian.

Candy Cotton

Jack Diesel..

Any growers done any of these strains?

Would love to see some photos but have the feeling there not the right ones for the queen herself (White Widow)

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yes you can open a thread in the grow journal room with your old plants, or in general chat if you prefer ^^

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Cool I mite try and get my laptop up and running later tonight.. Do you work in the GreenHouse Coffee Shops? Some job" would love a breakfast from the cafe rite now" lol

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no not in coffeeshops or i wouldn't hve time to be online i think ^^

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in your profile you mean? must be the place to enter your signature like the names say ^^

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