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GreenHead Kev

Apple & Cydia.. Tips and tricks for idevices

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Hi guys just like to say there's ways to make your iPhone iPad change location with cydia, so you change your gps to where you want! Cydia is a app that you get when you unlock your idevices.

Or is there any apps in the App Store that could change you GPS on your photos?

I'm going to look more in to this as many of us use iPhones and idevices.

Best to be safe than sorry..

Remember these devices are here to help us out if we use them right.

And I only have a iPhone camera so I need to know ways around GPS and locations"

If your into your iPhones/iPads and know a few tips or tricks lets us know.

Last thing!! Can I post vids from YouTube on here???

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nice for the cydia tool i never thought of it ^^ But don't have any Jailbreaked phones now so not for me ^^ And i don't take pictures with phone anyway lol but would be usefull for someone! Thanks for sharing :)

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I have my location services Off on all apps but if I go out and meet someone with a iPhone or iPad with 3G then look at my iPhone I can see the location icon pop up for a few sec on my phone!!

and I'm thinking but my locations is off.... Why the icon"

Same way if you have no credit on your mobile phone but your 3G is still on.. When you meet someone with a idevice, I believe myself that your iPhone gets a signal from there phone just for a minute.

I could be wrong but I think I'm right.

Ever get a notification for a app but your not on a wifi or no credit on your phone??

How dose this work then!!

Coz it's jumping on the next iPhone in the room with credit or monthly bill.

Sorry 4 messing with your heads if you think I am... To much puff in the brains for one day Kev

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