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3 diff big bang girls help

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HHi peeps im now on day 31 of flowering of my 3 g.h.s.c big bang girls and im scratchin my head the 3 are tottally different in size "height and width" the 1st one "2pics" is 30cm high but very bushy with smallish flowers the 2nd "2pics" is 30cm but compact with about 3 times more flowers than 1 and 3 the 3rd tops out at an awesome 37cm with also smallish flowers i know that they would differ but not this much they have been givin verything tottally the same food and light is this the norm?







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yeah it's normal just diferent phenotypes, big bang is an awesome smoke you should like it, and the girls look nice seems you treat them good ;) Be careful with nutes a little, it's time to flush them a little ithink, but they look nice! :) And if you have the lights above they should produce good :)

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make a big flush with 1 time or 2 time the amount of your pots in water with PH controled, to get the soil clean and ready to go for a good flowering ;) and let it dry few days and go back on nutes slowly like you use to they should be fine :)

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