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STRAINHUNTERS Expedition - Swaziland


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Looking forward to watching as really enjoyed the others and since trying Durban Poison many years ago, always wanted to get my hands on some African genetics.

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the legal status of growing is a tough one for people in 3rd world countrys who can only make money when its ilegal but surely if its legal in developed countrys first then importing cannabis from 3rd world countrys having a thing called fair trade and cutting the middle men out will benifit all parties , this is what cannabis legaliation parties should be thinking of when trying to legalise cannaabis in theese kind of places , if it was legal then people can smoke real organic landraces grown in the soil type that makes the flavor so unique and im sure the cannabis would be better quallity if it was legal to growers like the one arjan was talking to explaining that if he grew only seeds from the best plants the plants we all be the same as eachother i think cannabis landraces will become stronger smoke to ,better care can be givien to there plants.

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Just watched the Swaziland expedition of Strain Hunters... I have to say, Arjan, Franco, and Simon...these guys are one of the most passionate herb smokers I've ever come across. Watching you guys hunt for landraces, inspires me to pursue the cause of cannabis, to have it legalised internationally...and to attain World Peace by doing so (I know fellow smokers probably have the same thought as well). The World would be a better place if everyone stuck a joint in their mouths and inhaled every now and then. Every day, in my situation :D

Keep up the good work, Arjan & crew

A loyal fan, and a passionate user of cannabis.

Love and peace to you all! :)

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