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DWC - day 23 - reservoir question

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Hi guys,

I am at day 23 here & have noticed stark drops in ph from 5.8 to 3.8 over night in the last 48hrs.

At first I panicked & redid a fresh reservoir albeit only being days old.

I have re-balanced the PH back to 5.8.

I assume that the ladies are simply very hungry.

I am not sure how to best proceed - shall I carry on balancing the ph till I change the reservoir again - which I do every 5 days or so

or shall i possibly add further nutrients (currently mainly on aqua vega /riz/ carbo load - they are still vegging but big already)

Any advise will be greatly appreciated,



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I rebalanced today at aroun 11am - I just checked now & they have dropped again drastically to 4.2 what the hell is going on here? - HHEEEEEELLLLLP Please

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is your reservoir and system perfectly clean? if it drops so fast it's something in the system doing it i think, wait for the hydro expert to answer good luck man

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