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[15g]Royal Bluematic - Hesi - Soil - Greenhouse (Auto Blueberry)

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This is my second grow guys, so any help or recommendation is greatly appreciated!


Will be growing the Royal Bluematic from Royal Queen Seeds, which is a Blueberry autoflowering strain with 60% wonderful indica genetics :wink:

She has been growing in a 3.5cm coco-pad. Which will be put into soil when she's big enough.

She'll be growing in a capillary-box system sharing 40liters of soil with another princess.

Will be using Hesi Bloom Complex, Hesi Phosphorous Plus, Hesi PowerZyme and Hesi SuperVit(possibly snake-oil).

Also using AN Bud Candy and BioBizz Alg-A-Mic. Also got AN Final Phase for the last week.








Transplanted into small amounts of soil. . . . .^ Taken through a window ^

Day_zps4c5590b4.pngd5_zps7b5fc56a.png . . . Day_zps4c5590b4.pngd8_zps6f181858.png . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Day_zps4c5590b4.pngd9_zps08505831.png

th_bm9-22-4-1629_zps716519ac.jpg . bm102541610.th.jpgbm112541611.th.jpg . bm122741928.th.jpg



First day using Hesi Bloom Complex, mixed lightly. She smells quite skunky already.





Added Bud Candy to her diet yesterday.







Too high pH at the moment. Should be fixed within a week or so.



Transplanted out in the greenhouse two days ago. Added some Hesi Root Complex, for the roots to settle in the new soil.



I've also forgot to add that I've got of ants living in the soil, which I've been fighting from before the plants even where transplanted out.

Killed as many as I think is possible without using nasty pesticides. If I'm not mistaking, ants doesn't hurt the plant and might potentially be healthy for the roots and defend the plant from other pests.

- Ants still pisses me off though



I'll not able to flush her before harvest since I can't empty the container for water, I overestimated how much they drank. She should be ready for harvest within a week or so, some of the sugarleaves' tips have already started to yellow.



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Thanls t share your ladies with us man, hopt this outdoor season will be perfect and sunny and those plants big an bushy ^^

Have a good grow keep us updated

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Switched back to imageshack since photobucket doesn't allow you to link fullsize images anymore.

Although it'll only be from day 8. If you really want to see the fullsize of any images added before day 8, I can fix that on request.

Also some new images added. Will add images from today abit later.

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nice lil babies man they seem to be growing nicely and not too stretchy yet, and nice green ^^

Hope it continues like this ;)

Have a good grow

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Thanks man. They seem to be very healthy and growing decently fast so far. And the sun should be coming everyday now, so should be great!

Also new pics added.

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damn lol those hairs look so long on the pic :) should be looking nice if the buds are covered with this long too ^^

Have a good grow

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Almost all of the hairs are reaching 1.5cm in length :nyam:

Gonna add some more detailed pictures of the hairs in a sec.

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nice stretch on those ladies they are nice little bushes now :)

Thanks for the news man hope the hairs keep poping and make some big flowers ;)

Have a good grow

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good looking plants man :) i see some little buttons started to grow on the ladies :) I hope they will turn into big juicy buds ;)

Have a good grow thanks for the news

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The cartoon is my signature. The pictures added can be seen in the main post.

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Ah I see. confusing, but now I see some new pics. All good, yeah ants worry me, too esp. indoors..lol

But they are not interested in the plants, so they are not a big threat.

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how did it happen? seems pretty frosty :) promising for the rest of the plant :)

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The other day when it happened, it was quite stormy. The string tied to the branch was attached to the wood which hides the capillary-box.

So I entered the greenhouse, turned around to close the door, but then the wind pushed the door which I held, my foot then hit the wood making it tip over, taking the branch with it.

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