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whats up with this$

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People think i want to kill someone and i get kicked out of places just by the way I look. I try to explain im harmless but then they go into a fit and it does`nt look good. I never had a Gf because everyone think im too mean looking., I think my life is parallel to the way people think about weed. I love weed more then anything. i always bring out the weed sure i make friends but it`s because of the weed right$...$=question mark. Yay it doesn't mater! All my friends smoke weed. Is weed not the fastest fruiting plant in the world$ Did'nt God make it for us to use$ if not why did he make it the fastest growing fruit$ Wasup Im just gona kick back smoke and grow. bamboo is the fastest growing plant but it fruits in 50 years. Maybe I'll have a GF by that time. Yo I got giant genetics not just in me but in my plants. My grandfather was a giant. He grew so much they shot him. Cops always see me and they like to jack me up. whats up with that$ you won't believe how many times I been to court because of weed. But for them it's okay to shoot my grandfather. I fear I may someday suffer the same fate. BTW I think the ones that smell like puke get you more high.

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Hey man, well one of the good thing about internet is that people will first judge you on your behavior than on your appearance, it can be tricky sometimes too because you don't really know when people aren't real.. but well it's part of the game ;) Hope someday you will find someone suiting you ;)

what plants was your Grandfather growing?

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