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A technique which I have heard works well. say you have 5 plants in a line, over 5 metres. drill hole at the bottom of a large container, (water container for camping, large bucket) and, so air tight put a 6 metre length of hose in it. hang this about a foot or more of the ground at the start of the line. assuming you have planted directly into the ground, run the hose across the 5 planting areas, and at the end put a bamboo stick in the ground. tape the end of the hose to this, most of the way down the stick so the hose is vertical at that end. with large U shaped nails sercure the hose over the growing areas by putting U shaped nails over the pipe inbetween each site, so flat against the earth. with a pin, make 2 -4 tiny holes over all the spots, and block the end of the hose attached to the bamboo. fill container with water and cover with leaves , branches, bushy bit so its not so obvious over head. return every 2 weeks with more water and nutrients pre mixed? any good? what can make it better , keeping costs to basically nothing?

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hi man, sounds good on paper ^^ hope it will work for you ;)

Yes you should add something it is some movment inside your bucket, if you go every 2 weeks only your water will stagnate and it's not good for you nute will go at the bottom and problems will come ^^ so you need something in your tank to move the mix almost 24/7 maybe a windmill going down into the mix with another thing at the bottom to run and shake at the same time as the mill?

Or you put a Fresh rat every week he will move the mix while swimming to get out hahaha ;)

good luck man

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or just use guano as a nutrient. if the only exit is the hose at the bottom of the bucket, surely this means air won't get in to make the water skanky. I duno, will see how it works. but guano in the soil I think will be best shout.

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