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critical sensi

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nice man 10 more babies for the terace ;)

Thanks for the lil news and pics!

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27 little girls grow in pots 1l.

a few days and I'll move them into pots 6l


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Just about to do a bunch os critical sensi star if youve got any advice on feeding, are the heavy feeders like their sisters?

I do a lot of critical and thought this would make a nice addition to the garden.

Im fond of the critical x brazilizn x south.indian, have you tried it?

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a few more days and I'll put the girls in 5l pots, they will stay a short time before going into 11l pots, where it will bloom


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Hi there Zcabsa

What is the reason for transplanting so many times zcabsa, wouldnt they be better being transplanted only once to minimise the risk of transplant shock (every time you transplant they stop growing for a bit and the girls will take a few days to recover before starting to grow again), by transplanting 2-3 times during their life you will be adding like 7-14days where the plant wont be growing, just recovering.

Maybe you should transplant directly from your 1 litre pots to the 11 litre pots and save yourself like a weeks growing time (you will harvest the earlier and they wont be as stressed during their lives.)

Just my 10 pence worth, you obviously get good results with what you do too "or you wouldnt do it". I only say because i used to do the same thing as you and over time realised that for the extra work of having them in 11litre pots early (i had to adjust my lighting to suit them too.. as they are easier to take care of in the smaller pots, it pays off to pot them straight into their final pot. If you try it with just 1 or 2 girls you will see the difference between them.

take it easy buddy and keep up the good work :victory:

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hello cosmicmindtrick

the reason why these critical will be transplanted in pots before 5l and this, I have now only available to those 11 5l pots will be freed within a few weeks.

what you say is right, but sometimes are forced to leave them in standby for logistical reasons

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growing at a good rate man :) Thanks for the regular news! gonna be such a jungle on that terace lol

Have a good grow

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Aaaah kl kl brother, yeah i know what you mean b'cos i have the same problem at times,

its a nightmare trying to free up pots when doing quite a few cuts at a time brother, ( i should have guessed that you already knew better, :slow:

your grow looks great buddy im impressed by your patio. Keep doing good things mate. :good:

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hehe more than few friends ^^ looking all happy on that terace thanks for the lil news

Have a good grow

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