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Hash Making By Mr.X

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Hello guys, so here we come with some pictures taken by Mr.X and his "assistant" during his latest hash making session with Bubblebags!

Here in total 800g of lower parts bud and prenium trimming were used in 2 times. 400g each time, and those 400g are used 2 times too everytime to get as much as possible


the final Result is a little more than 70g of High quality hash, i can almost smell it from here


enjoy guys




Time to shake those ladies



*********break time*********











Once the hash is ready,Mr.X breaks it in small piece and let it dry this way for a few days to let the water out, and then repres it all together using his hands and the heat of his HOT spanish body hahaha



That's it guys, Mr.X will pass by when he will have time and answer some questions i guess if anyone has some


Have a good day hunters!

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HA! A cement mixer..that is awesome! I use a grout mixer on the end of a drill...but this is waaaay beyond that :) :)

Really nice pictures and results..beautiful hash!

Thanks Mr. X and thanks Dust!

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X u bad boy for real u coming up with housebuilding maschiene stuff to do some Ice-O.....reminds me on Tim Taylor with Mooore Power who who :D looking really nice gd Work Brother........i want a piece of that in my bong yam yam which strain u used ???

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Wah it's some nice pictures

I really like the one with the small pieces of "triangle" hash, i think it cute and seems delicious lol

Also a lot of respects for this professional and perfect works it's really amazing...

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Great post! Heres how i used to do it on a much smaller scale (using a different technique)

I've mad iso hash hundreds of times. Its far better to use fresh cut trim or buds rather than dry buds. You don't need to soak he alcohol for 24hrs Tstoned, it makes it less potent and I will explain how. The alcohol dissolves the chlorophyll also so the longer you let the material sit in the alcohol the less pure it becomes.

I make quick wash iso hash. I put all my material in a plastic bottle, shake for around a minute, then place a coffee filter in my hand and pour the alcohol throuh the filter. If you want to make iso jelly hash you can pour alcohol throuh a screen, the large catch screen for bubble bags works fine. This will alow the trichs to pass through. It gives the oil a base to smoke it without a skillet or a vapor nail or something like that withouth it being problematically super sticky so its workable with your bare hands.

To get the best quality alcohol hash it is very very very important to freeze your weed and your alcohol(it doesn't freeze, lol). Well place them in the freezer before you extract. The cold temps make the alcohol a weaker solvent. So you don't dissolve the chlorophyll, only the essential oils.

You can also do a second quick wash of the material, the grade won't be as high but still good.

Anyway try this method, with fresh trim or buds if you can, your oil will come out nice and golden almost like bho. You won't be dissappointed.


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great post for all you smaller scale guys a great subsatute to the cement mixer is a camping washing machine which you can get at any good camping store for under $40. Buy using the mixer or washing machine will eliminate the chance of damaging your bags.

companion ezywash

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