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Stoned lover

Hello there ;)

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First of all hello im Niki 35 year old male from kent and about 20mins from london...not such a great place but no parts of ENGLAND are lol,im a regular in amsterdam and been around 75 times in last 6 years and if it wasnt for me having kids no doubt id be living there as in my eyes the place is heaven,the green house has always been one of my favourite coffee shops and probaly will be until my smoking days are over,i had a good friend working there in greenhouse called fabio although i beleive his no longer there no more :( ,havnt managed to get over in a couple months and last time i was there the flower bomb kush was out of this world and well worth the 20 euros a gram hence me buying 20 grams over the weekend lol...been a fan of strain hunters and watched most of the shows thanks to you tube and other engines,my flight is booked for the 7th of may and dam am i excited 4 days in paradise coming my way lol....been growing for over 10 years only small crops as for personal use only but reading you guys posts im sure to pick up a few tricks on the way which is main reason for me joining up here ;)

As i say im over in a week and half so if anything new is worth shouting about please let me know :)


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Hey man welcome on SH forum!

damn 75 times to dam you're one lucky boy ^^ wish i could have go that often, well.. i still have time haha, hope you'll enjoy the forum as much as the coffee ;) And that you will share some of your ladies with us, 10 years of growing must have teach you some nice things :)

If you have any problem or question on the forum just ask!

Have a good discovering of place

See ya online

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Thanks for the warm welcome mate much appreciated,yeah i know my missus is not happy about the 75 times especially as ive only taken her 6 times lol but i just cant help it i love the place....im currently growing cheese exodus to which ive finally nailed it and the results are impressive my current crop is 2 weeks into flower so i will post some pics in due time as unfortunatly i cant grow at home so have to travel to secret location otherwise id take some pics now..although this will be my last cheese grow as the boredom factor has set in and i want to try something different,i want to grow a decent kush as for some reason ive gone from loving haze strains to loving kush strains like white choco and flowerbomb and most recently king kong kush from hunters (wow) ,trust me mate im counting down the days til the 7th lol,does anyone know if flowerbomb kush is on the shelfs at greenhouse ?

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if yu mean on the menu it depends the stocks, when they have some usually i hear lots of people say they have it those days, but when it's empty it's empty ^^

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