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can trichomes maturity be sped up by lowering light cycle to 10/14 in late flower

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title says it all

im on a deadline at the moment with the housing coming to see my property and need the plants to mature quicker

the plants are nearly at week 9 and mostly clear, i did think the trichomes where looking mostly cloudy but seems to have been my imagination :(

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Worth a try mate have read journals where light is reduced last week or two to 11/13 then down to 10/14. Seems a shame not to see them throught till then end on 12/12. Tell the housing your on holiday for 2 week.

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yeah some people find it is worth doing, you won't loose anything anyway as you just reduce light so in worst case you gain money ^^ But it's like the dark period before flowering or harvest and things like that, some people will say yes some no i think.. i say it won't hurt so why not if you want to try it :)

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GREAT response from you all i will go ahead and start droping the light cycle to 11h then 10h then go to 9hr if it hasnt made much difference

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i did flush them last week then when they did not make any difference i gave them a 1/4 feed 2 days ago and flushed them all today untill the run off turned clear :)

i also droped the light cycle to 11/13 and will keep it like that untill harvest now.

im not worried about the 1hr less a day effecting my weigh in because i made over 1oz off the smallest :D:yahoo:

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Yeah ! Good idea. 11 up 10H light last week is a good point. I have done/tested that. No problems with plants. Hairs get brown quicker too..

World Peace.

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