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who knows maybe they'll go someday :) they have probably been already around there but not for a movie so we'll see in time :) i don't know if they make a lot of hash in those area.

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Cambodia could be a big deal, and really easy such as they let tourist eating happy pizza (instead of origano, they put a bit of herb), and grass milkshake or smoothie, such as in sihanoukville. Cambodia is really mind open with cannabis, as long as the government and authorities take a little part in the pocket. Concerning the culture, should have some fields, in the jungle or around the makong, but maybe less impressive than india or morroco.

It could be a triple destination, golden triangle like Thai/laos/cambodia (three in one).

Of course, knowing that Arjan has already walk all over the area, he never has been as a Reporter yet =).

Long life to the King, and to the Team ! =)


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i have been in cambodia for almost a year now. and for my experience its the best weed in asia! unlike other countries you can find nice sensimilia buds, with nice red hairs,christals..

there are some growers who grow european strains here, and those taste considerably better.

they make same small scale hasj here, wich gives you an insane mental high, but lacks the flavour of moroccan/nepali..

most importantly cambodians love their weed, from smoking it, making happy pizza, marinate meat or even eat it straight up !


and the farmers ive met here are very eager to learn more about western strains and growing methods.


the climate alows growing all year round, with the raining season requiring more mold resistant strains.


i would definitly recommend a visit !

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