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Stinky Pete

Black Moss and Swazi Outdoor Winter Grow

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Hey Guys.

I thought that I'd do a quick grow on here just cause I can. LoL

Anyway, I planted 3 Black Moss Seeds. Its a cross of Bubbaliscious x Pineapple Express. A strain that was developed by accident. But so far the plants are looking great. 1 turned out male so 2 isn't bad. This is an F1 seed

The other swaz isn't pure ( of course ) but after hearing that a trip to Swaziland was gonna happen I jumped at the chance to pop some swaz beans. And after watching the new release, I'm more excited now. It hasn't sexed yet so I'm still pulling her down as she grows. The swaz is a test run for another grower that tried his hands on making feminized beans.

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hey man will be interesting to see how your swazi seeds will grow thanks for making about us for those ladies ;)

Hope to see some nice pics and some nice buds little later ^^

Good luck man may the sun be with you :)

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Thanx for the reply.

Currently there are 4 swaz plants in 1 pot. I know doing that will create problems. I actually also wanna see which 1 ( or more ) take over and dominate the others and then take a cutting or 3 from her. I'm also excited to be growing the swazi. They grow easy and can take a lot of punishment. So hermie's is rare. ( In my cases ) And our climate in suited for swaz I think. Swazi was the 1st strain I grew out indoor in a stealth pc box. LoL. Good old days of noobness.

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it's cool if she is really resistant to stress, always better on fem seeds ^^ good luck man with the 4 ladies may the strongest survive then ;)

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Out of the 3 Black Moss, 2 turned out ladies. Which is awesome !!!!!!!!

2/4 swazi sexed female. I'm still waiting on the other 2. I can see that this is F1 seeds. So many different pheno's. All 4 plants has each got a different pheno. Which is quite cool. Cause the strongest one will be cloned.

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Wassup Guys

A lot has happened in the days that passed.

The 2 Black Moss is going strong. I'll take some pics tomorrow morning before sunrise and then I'll FINALLY post some pics for you guys to see. The plants started developing a very weird smell. It kinda smelled like shit. But after a week the smell started fading and got replaced with a sweet smell.

All 4 swazi's sexed fem, BUT 2 turned out hermie. 1 of the swazi plants has a purple color to it from the cold. Our morning temps at this stage is about 6 - 7 Degrees Celsius and we are going into the winter months in a week or so.

Mornings is also quite foggy and wet/damp which means I'll have start moving the plants to covered areas when night time comes.

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sorry to hear about the hermie swazi man, i hope the rest at least will perform nicely :) and i hope we'll see some little pictures you know we love it ;)

Have a good grow

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