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Super Lemon Haze

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So I recently bought some SLH seeds from GHC I've planted them and they're now seedlings. I've watched the grow videos but I am lost on one or two of the techniques, Firstly I wanted to know what the PH and EC levels are throughout the Vegetation phase? My second question is concerning the flushing at day 15(of flowering), I understand that I flush with 1.3 EC then leave to dry for 5 days until the 21st day Then I feed it with 1.8 EC on the 21st day, now I am confused as to what I do next do I feed it anymore until the 28th day flush? or do I just leave to dry out again until the 28th day flush? I was also wondering if you flush it for a third time and if so on what day of flowering?

Any replies and information will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Hey bro.... depends on what medium u are using... take soil for example.... after the dry out i feed at day 21, at day 22, then i let 1 or 2 days with nothing.. then feed 1 more time before next flush... in hydro u feed every day betwine thedry out sessions. Hope to be helpfull mate.... lat me know if u need more specific tecniques. bless and peace

hey mam I'm using Cann terra professional its a mix of sphagnum moss peat, compost, worm castings and perlite. it seams to hold water quite well. When/if I need to feed it after the 21st day flush will it just be with PH balanced water and no nutes? thanks dude ;)
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