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Hey guys time has come today is MAY 1St and the first day of the Outdoor World Cup

:D :D

Best of luck to everyoe, give us some awesome presentation and some awesome trees to show us


May the weather gods be with you all ^^

Good luck and thanks in advance to everyone honoring it's word and starting and uploading a journal


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you wuld have been told if it wasn't the correct thread ^^ Lots of our memebr are waiting to have room in the veg rom before starting, and season are not the same everywhere so i'm sure it will com don't worry ;)

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almost 2 weeks since starting and only 2 people started? am i not using the right thread or something?

Hey man what´s up.

We have the other part of the contest at the Cannabis Cafe forum, that is a mostly Spanish forum, there 15 reports have just started in this 2 weeks.

When I saw this my first thought was " in Spain they started first because of the weather ¨, so I´m sure Dust is right, because we have more people from northern latitudes in this forum, they would probably start later.

Take care.

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Yess.. !

today I received the package from strainhunter.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event,

Good luck to all and may the best win! :D

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yes of course you can put 10 big tooth in your thread if you want it will count as 1 entry ^^

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