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,all people who stay in amsterdam!!handyman needs some info!!

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hi guys so I booked my summer holiday last night for me and my daughter,,and guess where we are going, yep u got it !! I have one worry!! not a big one but could still have the potential to cause me grief si im asking you guys who stay near or in Amsterdam.the thing is my daughter will be with me she knows I smoke and I don't hide any of it from her,i never have so she is good with it all but how can I safely go to coffee shop or get nice smoke with her with me?? Shit even she has said she doesn't want to go if I cant smoke when there,,cos she knows how much it helps me with pain. anyway I don't want to have to leave her standing around when I go into a coffee shop, as im sure none of you would either with your 14 year old kids no matter how mature they are. or the other thing I thaught is to get a hotel very close to most of them so that I can run down when we are at the hotel,BUT that way I cant try different strains from different shops. the people who stay there will do this on a daily basis so there must be a way, so any ideas guys ??? we are going to be staying at the old quarter hotel so I am close a few,but as I say id rather not have to just use one all week I want some different stuff, also my daughter has asked me toask the people who stay in the city to see what kind of things there are that she would like?? 14 years old,she is a singer and dancer also a very keen gardener so if there are any things that bring those things into the holiday would be great!! cheers guys

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well didn't have much time to visit last time neither ^^ but if she is a gardener, the flower market is a must i guess :)

There are lots of musician bars so probably some nice shows in small room etc..

good luck man hope you'll find a way, maybe find a nanny for 1 day in dam?

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shit a nanny,,u got a death wish suggesting that for a 13 year old girl mate,lol ,,shit she would kill you for saying that,,lol,,she wouldn't talk to me for weeks,lol

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hahaha death wish maybe not ^^ some nanny are cool if you find a young one just making a little extra money after school or something like that ^^ and if you find a local student she might even ba able to show some very nice place of dam we don't know as foreigners :)

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yeh tottaly mate I get that !! but the second she heard any thing similar to baby sitter or nanny ,ect she would not be happy!!, I was thinking the same thing mate about asking the locals that's why on here, I want it to be really nice for her so that when I do decide to move over she wont have any worries about coming by her self to see me,,so in that way yeh MRE her being outside by her self for a few minutes in my opinion is how kids start to do things on there own u know, she has to do the thinking almost u know,,so I agree with you about the room and that, plus to be honest I think she would be more likely to attack who ever it was who was in her face, its a weird one as she isn't a fearful girl at all,but she wont go into shops and things on her own if I am there ???she will with friends but not with me,maybe iv just let her do it!and shouldn't have!!!plus she doesn't get scared easily at all,so yes making her wait in my book is the best thing,but I want the WHOLE Amsterdam experience to be GREAT and there not be anything she wont like,shit the room booking was bad enough cos she wasn't happy when I said the room would have no toilet or shower and it was shared,shit I thaught she was gonna murder me!! lol. tho that I am not worried about lets face it she is a young woman now and she is in puberty so a private room isn't much to ask from me, but the rest I think she just tries her luck with me, also it will be a VERY STRANGE environment for her,,remember at home at school all they get is how BAD cannabis is and that every one who uses it is bad. she knows that is SHIT NOW!!! but that wont stop her worrying when she sees all the things in Amsterdam ,just because its new,,shit at 20 I was feeling weird my first time so I think I should maybe go a little easy on her at least the first day,,CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF I SHE IS ABLE TO SIT OUTSIDE WITH ME at say grey area if I remember it has seats outside ,just like GH CENTRUM, can she sit with me on those or is that still thaught of as being in the coffee shop,and I will be started at for having her there,lol,,what u think...iv tried to get answers from sending emails to GH but still nothing at all,,i think il try again now,,anyone know the GH centrum email??

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Probably best to hit a few shops in the morning when it's quieter. Then hit one of the parks and chill out. Don't think your daughter would be able to sit outside the coffeeshops. They have the aquarium and the rijksmuseum has just reopened, looks sweet.

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i will try to ask, i'm not sure if she will be allowed to sit

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