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Seeds growing with leds

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On Mar, I bought one unit powerful led grow light from China . he said it's new ,and with integrated led light source. i received it , and looks nice . but This is the first time i use this . and don't know how to deal with the seeds. awesome .

who can help me ? Thanks !!

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well it will be pretty much the same as with the other lights, some say the feeding absorption is a little diferent with LED but we don't havescientific values on that yet.. i don't believe so ^^ Have a look on all the grow journals around and you will also find some little threads about germinating your seeds and growing in general :)

Good luick and welcome on the forum ;)

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Aloha Wendy, The key to getting the lighting right is the distance between the lamp and the plants, the strength of the light (aka Watts) which will determine how many square feet the lamp will cover at the the proper light level for good plant production. After that is determined one can choose how many hours of light per day you want to use during the growth stage ( I prefer 16) others use 18 or 24 hour days. If I had the wattage and the data on the light output it would be easier to calculate the area your lamp will cover. A general guideline for seeds would be 24" to 36" below the lamp for the lower wattage LED Grow Lamps. A good way to test would be to have one plant at 12" one at 18" one at 24" one at 30" and one at 36" and see how they respond to the higher light levels closer to the LEDs. I checked the data for the the X-4 220W LED system and the PPFD or (PAR) is 1230 umol/m2 at 12", you can grow seedlings just fine at 500 umol/m-2 which would be about 30" below the LEDs. Growing the seeds in the germination stage is going to depend if you are going to grow in soil, coco coir, or hydroponics. In soil & coir use peat or coir pellets (Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets Ace Hardware), (Coir Pellets Amazon), for hydroponics a tried and true method used for many years are the 1.5 to 2" Grodan Rockwool Cubes using a pH balanced low nutrient level hydroponic grow solution to wet up the cubes. Here is a how to guide for peat pellets. (use one seed per pellet)

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hi Wendy.

What are u going to grow?Marijuana seeds?

And where are u going to grow them?

Marijuana seeds can sprout when the soil temperature 1 ℃ above, but general appropriate seeding when the soil temperature 8-10 ℃ above. Cannabis seed germination optimum temperature is 25 to 35 ℃, the highest no more than 45 ℃, the higher temperature is, the seeds will sprout more quick and neat.

i am very interested in marijuana,too and hope we can discuss this topic further.

Have a good day.

Aloha Kevin, Welcome to Strainhunters Forum. I think you will find this an interesting place to exchange information. It is nice to see another LED fan here from Asia.
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