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Money Maker

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Good afternoon,

Money Makers are in small pots since 03May2013. Regular potting soil (PH 6.5) with a little sea bird guano. They've all popped and sprouted (will post pictures next post). They are doing good so far.

We are at 45N latitude. Weather is on/off since they were planted and, more rain is planned until May 24th.. :( They are under a small plastic cover so as not to get drenched. I keep them outdoor's to get them used to the temperature. But, as I said apart from a few days last week+Monday and yesterday the sky is cloudy and temperatures hover around 12-15C during the day and 8-10C at night.. Not exactly the best conditions. If this goes on I will put them in an empty aquarium so I can heat their growing environment a little.

I have not watered with Powder Feed yet because I feel they are too young. Therefore I have used regular water with a 6.5PH. Once they are older, I will switch to PF and lower the PH to 5.5.

The planting holes are on a South West facing forest clearing and were dug about 2 months ago. Soil was mixed with sheep manure and sea bird guano (yes, I am a fan of guano). I hope to put them in the ground some time early June when they should be about 20cm tall. I'll have to fence the area off to keep deer and wild pigs at bay. I understad Money Maker is a Kush mix? I sure hope so, because if we have to wait until end of October, there will be mold issues for sure.

This semi-guerilla grow promises to be an adventure.

Until next post, best of luck to everybody!

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Good luck with the ladies man it seems they have had some little time of life already ^^ I hope weather will get better for you and that you have nice pictures to show us from begining ;)

Have a good grow best of luck i n the cup, keep us updated ;)

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Sorry about that Dust! Yes, they have had a little bit of life already :) ..

About the genetics, MM have a Kush background, right?

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yes normally the MM is master kush genetics from the 90's.

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Hello Dust and all other outdoor growers!

I have a few questions:

  • When do you think I should start with Powder Feed? I am usually an organic grower, but PF came in the package therefore I will use it at some point :) . Seedlings are 13 days old.
  • I have pure Laos and pure Afgani seeds both brought back from respective countries. If i want to crossbreed, how should I proceed? I read somewhere that if I wait for a male to develop full balls I chop him down and keep said pollen sacks in a Ziploc bag and use a Q-tip to fertilize a few buds on a female plant of my choice later on, right?
  • Does anything change in the breeding if I chose a Laos male and an Afgani female or Laos female and Afgani male instead?

Thank you in advance!

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hey man,

For the PF you should start it when you see the plants start to slightly become brighter it will mean they are hungry and then you can safely begin :) otherwise in indoor i usually wait for at least 3rd level of leaf to start growing, but outdoor could be a little diferent. start slowly on the doses, around 0,4g/L and slowly put more :)

for the pollen yes it is one of the way to do it. Have a look in the breeding section and in the other rooms we have a few threads about breeding, not a lot cause the room is new but maybe you will find some nice reading ^^

Good luck

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Hello all,

I'll post pictures tomorrow. Unfortunately the weather isn't really all that :( And, it's not supposed to come back to seasonal values until next week.

Dust, I looked into breeding, and it's a lot more complicated than I thought. I will therefore cross my Afganis with Afganis and same for Laos. For those, where do I post the grow journal?

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in the grow journal for all medium room will do the work :)

How are the money makers doing?

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nice growth on those babies already they seem to have a nice color and some nice leaves :)

And nice clear presentation too, you should maybe try to register them as Jpeg or something that will appear directly on the board it will be more atractive for the members ;)

But still, Thanks for the nice update man keep them coming

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Hi Dust,

Ok will do for jpeg. Indeed I am trying to be as scientific as possible :)

I am very happily surprised by MM. I have other girls growing from paradise seeds, and while vigorous, they seem to be more fickel than MM.

I have high hopes for MM and I am honored to br part of this contest.

Talk soon!

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I will go take pictures now because the girls are ready for the last transplant tomorrow!

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Here are the pics from grow journal in regular jpeg format rather than PDF doc :)










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Pictures from 07Jun2103

Group Shot top view

Group Shot side view







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Here are the pictures from 07Jun2013

  1. Group shot top and side view
  2. Money Maker #1 Height (H) 16 cm Leaf Width (LW) 6cm Leaf Length (LL) 7cm
  3. Money Maker #2 H= 16 LW=6 LL=7
  4. Money Maker #3 H= 17 LW=6 LL=7
  5. Money Maker #4 H= 16 LW=6 LL=7
  6. Money Maker #5 H= 16 LW=7 LL=8
  7. Money Maker #6 H=11 LW=7 LL=6









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very good ladies man :) short noeds and nice colo they are still doing good in your place :) And i hope they'll keep doing ;)

have a good grow keep us updated

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hi man, on Cannabiscafe.net you can see the other journals, you have some of the links in the Cup winner announcement thread. ;)

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