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Tastynugz bash at Bubble hash

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Hello to all, I have recently harvested a couple of fine ladies from the backyard, and have had some bubble bags here for a little while now hanging out for some cuttings, I didn't weigh the clipping before hand but I can say it was 3 full sandwich bags of frozen fresh sugar leaves and popcorn buds of two different strains of weed grown from bag seeds, the first 2 pictures are of the crowns from the 2 plants used, then the pictures to follow are in order of events, I had a 5 bag set of 220 - 120 - 73 - 37 - 25 microns, this was my first attempt at bubble hash and I am quite pleased with the results, I have had my first smoke today and wow, I LOVE THIS SHIT, 2 bowls and I'm rockin the keyboard like a pro. :lol: So the process went like this, line the bucket with the bags 25 first 37 next and so on, then added half a bag of ice, the other half of the bag is added to a second bucket of water to make ice water, then I added the clippings, and poured the ice water on top of the clippings, let sit for 10 minutes, then mixed with a drill and a paint mixer for 15 minutes, after this I let the mix sit for 30 minutes, then drain the first of the bags which is all the crap out the way, the rest of the bags are drained one by one and below you can see the results. The 120 grade was very crumbly and full of plant matter so it got smoked before the final photo shoot :biggrin: , the rest balled up nicely though, the two smaller balls 25 and 73 are around 1cm round at 1.5 grams each and the other 37 is about twice the size and weighs 3 grams, so 6 grams total. Anyone who has been thinking of having a go at this, I can highly recommend it, very rewarding feeling to make it and a lovely smoke to boot, Cheers Tastynugz.










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thanks for sharing man! it's funny how green your water turned i think i've never seen it so green ^^ also on the 120 it's very green color but the others seems nice :)

Have a good smoke man ;)

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Yeah, this was my first attempt so I wouldn't say it turned out 100%, I think the high green content is from too much stirring and probably too aggressive with the stirring, next time I will try a gentle stir, the paint mixer I used broke the plant material up too fine and it was able to make it through the first couple of bags, couple of other things I am going to change too. Cheers Tastynugz.

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I hear you man :) I also love this stuff :)

I read somewhere that you can remove the green colour by pouring clean water through the hash whilst you take each bubble bag out of the bucket. This is supposed to make the hash lighter :) I haven't tried it but it seems alright in theory :)

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cheers fellas, I will keep the wash idea in mind for next time, can't wait to have another bash, it does make sense, really nice on top of a bowl but I also hot knifed a bit of it and wow, brings back some ol skool memories, haha, gave a few friends a taste and they can't wait for the next batch either. Next lot will be made from my current indoor grow of vanilla kush, purple wreck, violator kush and pineapple chunk, instead of bag seeds, so as I said I can't wait. Cheers Tastynugz.

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less stirring( i do 2 separate runs 1 by hand 1 by mixer) and do a fresh water wash of each layer like gonzo sead

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yeah I thought I got a bit carried away with the stirring, I'll try the wash next time as well, I actually washed mine back through with the green water, so it probably didn't help with the colour haha, thanks gents much appreciated. I must say though not a perfect run but still folds the eyelids, can't wait to get a bit more experience with it. :biggrin:

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