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From germination to plantation, help needed

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Just started yesterday germinating 3 seeds of The Church, 3 seeds of Green-o-matic and 5 seeds of Big Bang autoflower.

Within the next 48 hours I will put the ones that will pop in small cups of soil.

I was just wondering if it`s okay to put them outside, since i live in finland and during the night temperatures drop to about 10 degrees celsius. ( 50 fahrenheit)

Will they survive or is it too cold ? The other option is to put them in the bathroom, but I dont have any better lighting but the normal lights that are in the bathroom.

Also, in the spot that I´m putting them they get about 9 hours of direct sunlight per day, is that enough?

Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

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For an safer germination, keep the temperature between 20/24 degrees celsius, the heat is good for growth in the first weeks.

9 hours of light, you will get small plants, and also is not good for Automatic plants


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hi man, like HC01 said try to keep them a little more hot, around 10° for germination is a little too cold :) at least keep them on the window edge inside your house for the first week once they strt to build real little leaves try to put them outside and maybe put them inside for the night only?

Good luck man

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Thanks for the tips guys!!

What about the soil ?

There is a field right next to me where they grow potatoes or something, could I just go and get a couple of bags of soil from there and put the seeds in that ?

I really dont have the money to buy expensive soil + fertilizer..


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oh and one more thing!

if i keep the plants in the bathrom for the first couple of weeks, is it safe to then suddenly transfer them outside or ?

and how much light would be the perfect amount ?

once again, thanks a lot! :)

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well if you are sure they don't use any chemicals in their potatoes yes it should be ok for your ladies, make sure it is not too compact and muddy and if it is maybe add a little perlite in it it could help.

good luck man

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