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Hello Everybody

Im working since 6-7 Years whit the Productions of Seeds from Greenhouse Seeds Company Amsterdam , my First Grow was Lemon Skunk. So now i have buying some new Seeds Brand in the Shop of Greenhouse in Amsterdam directly when i was last Year there for a short Visit.

I have started my Grow since 2 Months ago , so the new Seeds was planted on March on this Year.

Seed Sort/Brand : Great White Shark (Feminized Indoor)

i use Coco Substrate as Medium , on 6,5 Liters Pot.

Light : H.P.S High Pressure Sodium 600Watt B.A.L (30% Blue Light for Vegetative , and for Bloom i have 100% Red/Yellow Silvanya).

Fertilizers are : Canna Coco A + B , Canna Cannazym , Canna Rhyzotonic (only at the Beginning of Grow) Canna PK 13/14 (Bloom Phase) , Canna Boost. Advanced Magnesium Nutrient (For Magnesium deficiency or addition).

For regulating the correct PH on the nutrients of the water i use Ph Minus to lower the PH on 6,2.

Which Persons make also Expiriences about this Strain , and can tell me also about?

So Long

Greez from Switzerland

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hi man welcomeon the forum :)

The GWS is a very nice smoke, it's one of the first strain i grew and it's pretty "easy" to grow. from what i remember she could take pretty high dose of nutes, but for PH etc i don't remember anything particualr, just like with all other strains start slowly on the nutes and slowly increase as she ask for more ^^ also i had topped her and she responf pretty well to topping, but i've mae some natural growth also and secondary growth was pretty nice.

Good luck man have a look around the forum we have a few GWS grow ;)

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