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GHS Great WHite Shark

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Howdy so here is my first grow and I thought it would be a good idea to journalize it for all to see and incase I run into any problems. What I plan to do is grow a single fem'd GWS, make a couple of cuttings and produce some seeds with some tiresias mist. The GWS can be seen poking about 2cm out of the smaller purple pot. I also have a Mandala hashberry reg which was placed directly into medium. This is yet to germinate but it has only been in for 2 days. You will notice 2 smaller orange pots. The orange pots contain white habaneros which are being grown direct from seed into medium. Now, the two larger black pots you see on the left contain a jalepeno and a red habanero recently transplanted.

In that this is a cannabis forum I know you guys don't really care about the peppers, but so you know whats pot and what isnt (at this stage) I felt it was important to mention. So my setup is as follows :

Solis-Tek 600W digital ballast

Solis-Tek 600W digital HPS lamp

Homebox 1.2x1.2x2 tent

150mm Westaflex centrifugal with built-in fan controller

Ezi air fan silencer (yes I know this is inferior gear but as a silencer it works)

150x500mm Presh carbon filter

Reflector is a cheapo till I can grab an adjusta-wing in a few weeks

Once the seedling is big enough I plan to transplant it into a 5 gallon/20L pot using canna terra pro as the medium. Nutrients will be organic although I have not decided 100% which ones, most probably CANNA bio-vega + flores,boost etc and some PK towards the end. Without much more rambling, I will not be updating this on a daily basis but more as a progression as things change or as problems arise. So here it is so far guys. Hope you enjoy and can guide me along the way. Try not to hijack the thread with irrelevant info about your own grows unless it relates to this one in some way. Thanx.

The whole setup


Does this look too close or far away from the top of the seedling?


Nice close up of the GWS seedling. A quick question...The cotyledons have curved down noticably since yesterday into a C shape as can be seen here. Is this normal, I am mildly concerned but hopefully for no reason. The other water leaf has curved down in the same fashion. Could this mean too much water or too close to the light?



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Hi man thanks for opening a journal looks like a very nice room you have :) And personally i like all plant living so if you want to shar your pepper do it ;)

Hope the ladies will do well during the whole cycle GWS is a very ncie grow and smoke!

Have a good grow man keep us updated

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Thanx for the kind words Dust. I'm quite happy with the room :) I neglected to mention when the GWS was planted. It was left in water for about 36 hours until the seed cracked then placed straight into the medium on the 12th/05th. Two days later I noticed the taproot growing across the top of the soil as opposed to going down...very wierd as it was planted pointy side up and has not happened before. I carefully took it out and replaced it as it should be in the soil. So technically we could say the seed has been in since the 15th May & what you see here is 5 days of growth.

I do have a question already for anyone willing to help.

The GWS was planted into a non-organic seedl raising mix bought from a local garden center. Will this be an issue come time to transplant into the organic canna terra pro? And would a little bit of flushing down the track help to dilute and remove some of the now unwanted nutrient salts and wetting agent? I plan not to PH and EC as the soil/microbes should do this themselves, will also be using 100% organic nutes. If the majority of the new root system has grow into organic soil will this plan still work?

Thank you in advance :good:

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daggatron the transplant should not be any issue from inorganic to organic for a young plant. if you would transplant older plant from dwc hydro for example it would be different thing i belive , and no i dont think you need to flush the canna terra pro mix before transplant and the seedling mix should not have any salt build up in such short time.

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no problems with transplant into other soil in my opinion.

I used the canna series feeding long time on soil without controling any of the rates. PH or EC.

If you refer to canna advises you should be fine. The organic stuff is pretty easy and safe to use.

Hope that helps. If you really use the canna stuff you can ask any time for some tips ;)

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yes i don't think it will cause problem neither, maybe if it is really too strong it could do a little damage but it would have to be very strong and i don't think it will happen, i hope not ^^

Good luck man

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Ok great, this is reassuring to know. Much appreciated guys. A couple days later and both sets of serrate leaves are out. One of the white habs has also sprouted this has taken 9 days to emerge. However 9 days is not uncommon for a pepper, not quite as fast as mj !

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UPDATE 30th May 13

So it has been TWO WEEKS since this seed was put in soil. It was transplanted to the larger pot which it will stay in for the rest of it's life. It was too early to transplant when I did (still under 2 weeks at the time) & hopefully will not allow impatience to get the better of me again !

The plant was given an organic root stimulator/soil conditioner treatment with the first and second watering after transplant. And today was the first day I have given it a full strength feed with the Bio-vega. I guess for me, this is now in the Veg stage and I am really looking forward to seeing what it does.

I do not water every day but I will be feeding with every watering, at this stage at least. From what I have read, you can throw alot at this strain. My temps lights on stay at 27c - 28C and do not seem to fluctuate above or below those temps. The dark time temps are 19-24c depending on what the temp inside the house is. I do not use air conditioners or any other climate control devices in the home so the room temperature dictates the lights off temperature.

The growth of the plant stagnated after transplant for a couple of days but has since picked up the pace and I am confident from now on it will behave as it should.

One thing that you will notice from the pics below is that the stem has grow out on an angle. It seems to be coming good now but until yesterday did not feel strong enough to support it's growth. My guesses are either or a combination of not enough root support, leaning towards the second light (I have added a 130W 6400K CFL about 10cm from the plant on its left) and the medium being left to dry out a bit too much between one of the waterings. I have been rotating the pot so the whole plant can benefit from this extra light.

So here are a few pics.


Here you can see how the plant is growing at an angle...Should I be worried? or begin to train to stop this from continuing?


And here it's looking nice and green :)


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Bit of advice bro, you topsoil look like it has some wet & dry spots, so you should probably water the soil all the way thru the next time, to make sure you don't have any dry pockets in the soil.

Don't worry about the lazt stem at this point, just keep the fan blowing in it's area so that it continues to get stronger, and I wouldn't train until that plant has 4 to 5 nodes! Looks like you have 2 or 3 right now.

Good luck with the grow!

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thanks for the news man! looking healthy so far and i agree with atrox advice :) for the angle growing it's not bad you can keep her like this, probably means the light is a little on the side of her and she looks for it, to avoid those kind of growth it is usefull to turn your pots on themselves every 2 days or everyday ;)

Have a good grow keep us updated

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Cheers fellas, again. :) It's great you mentioned about the all through water "International G" it is something that I have been unsure about. I was watering around the outside of the pot in the hope that the roots would reach out a bit to grab the water., was also worried about giving the rootball too much water at such an early age. But this is good none the less and I can feel better about giving it a full, more consistent water.

So dust I will try and place the CFL above the plant. I may even stop using the HPS until flower, this shouldn't have negative effects? I guess not using the HPS till flower will mainly impact my temps and so far the plants really like the warmth it brings.

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Def. wanna give a full watering to make sure you wet the medium entirely brother.

And reverting back to CFLs shouldn't present an issue! Just keep them CLOSE! Within 3-4" at all times, or they'll stretch!

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yes if she is a alone you can for sure give her the CFL for 1 2 week she will handle it :) And like IntG said just make sure to keep it close enough with CFL otherwise she will stretch a little :)

and for your waterings, before your next watering, break the soil with a fork or a wooden pike everywhere on the surface and to the deepness you want, and do it everytime you water it will help the water spread better in your soil and it absorbs better also this way ;)

Have a good grow

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im growing gws at moment and it is a really nice plant to grow at first mine seemed a bit slow but after 17 days they just got bigger and bigger I hat to cut veg time because off size I have same tent as you and it soon filled up good luck man peace I will like following your grow

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