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I have some special guests in my box, and I want show it to you. I have 5 different stains of grapes, now it is 2 day in my hand and vines start to grow, not so sure about this but I hope for good result any way, I don`t have any experience with this plant and make all first time.

Can say vines very like water, if vines dry, it is to dies. It is a key to grow this plant.

Else I make from this vines clones, but don`t know how about clones grow progress and do not have any photo of clones from this vines.




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nice man! what di you plan to do with the grapes? some wine or just it it?

My stains of grape is good for eating only. Some photo this stains from another growers.





And one of grape is very new and I don`t have any photo of it.

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pretty vigorous growth it seems :) how long do you keep them in this system?

2 week more and after then grapes will be remove to soil, If all will be OK.

Grapes can be grow with out aerator in water on this stage, but for this need change water some times. I decide to go best way, I already have all equipment for this and grapes branches cost some money I don`t wont lose it any way.

I hope fresh water and cold light from LED make this plants and me very happy :spiteful:

In a best way first yield from this plants will be 3 years later :fie::comando: . But If make all good every plant can give 5-10 kg on 5 year of life. And about 30 kg on 8 year of life.

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Today I show to you some other grapes. It is start to grow few week ago. This is stains mostly design for good resistance and not very spectacular, but is show different genetic of grapes. First I show you stains witch have best resistants for freezing. I my region it is very important, climate more continental then Europe and it is give more sunny days in year, but it is give every year more deep freezing in winter too. And for grapes it is make good mature on sun but in winter grapes can dies if it not to cover from freeze or stain not have good resist for this genetically, and like every were more best stains need more warm in winter.This stains more resistants to freezing from my collections, it is can survive when temp close to -30C.





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And I have more Interesting plants mostly of them can survive in cold winter with out covering. This stains can survive when temp close to -25-27C. Some stains little more better some worse. But it is more pretty stains for eating. Most of them have muskrat flavor and taste. And has very little percent vinifera labrusca in genetic this is good for taste for sure, but bad for resistance of the plants.






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