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Salam from Bahrain

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Hello all,

I am in love with your forum already I am really glad that I found the famous strain hunters on a forum and to be able to interact with you guys and other fellow cannabis Connoisseurs

I come from Bahrain a very sad country when it comes to cannabis.

A big salut for you people in here

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Hi man welcome on SH forum!

Thanks for introducing and glad to have you aboard too ^^ I hope you eep enjoying the place for a long time, and maybe share some piece of what's left of the old paradise your country was? maybe some nice outdoor grows ^^

Anyway if you have any problem on the forum just ask and i'll do my best to help you out

Have a good discovering of the place

See ya online

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No dear no indoors no outdoors we never grow anything in our country and I don’t think it would grow also its too hot in here and all the stories of people growing weed in Bahrain where myths but the paradise we lived in was imported hash we were the hub of exported hash on its way to be smuggled into other countries as Bahrain is an island just 20 mins away from Iran by speed boats and the first port that ships stop in when coming from or to east of Asia

We had all types of hash and best qualities, the price of top quality hash was about 400 BHD about 1000 USD but now a low quality adulterated kilo could reach to 3000 BHD which is about 7200 USD that is if you have very good connections, a piece of hash which is rolled like a thin headphone wire and 5 cm tall is sold for 25 BHD = 65 USD

It has become very hard for stoners of my age to live here we have to change the we live our daily lives now a days sometimes we wait for two weeks to smoke a tiny joint where else in those days the first time I ever smoked anything was a joint of best hand rolled hash from India before even smoking tobacco

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yeah price are going crazy everywhere and quality going so down i can see it too and i'm probably not as old as you so i can imagine the diference is even bigger for you.

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LOL ... you are older then me for sure @Dust the times that i am talking about where just the past 10 years man and the priceses are going high evey where yes but " a piece of hash which is rolled like a thin headphone wire and 5 cm tall is sold for 25 BHD = 65 USD" that is beyond crazy

And the prices went this high all because of the American war on drugs but yet they started growing the best strains ever since this war started

@elvis420 alikom alsalam thank you bro

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Yep and more than that Bahrain is the home for the US Marines 5th fleet and they import all their good stuff from the states. They (soldiers fighting for the war on drugs) are having all the fun in their camps while we are suffering from lack of THC in our blood

It’s strange how the American administration controls the world, in fact it is strange enough how they do it to there one people like its legal in a state and you can blow your smoke on a cop but an FBI agent can put you behind bars

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