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terpene expression

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Hello all, I was contemplating trying to breed plants with a broad terpene profile eg not 40% myrcene, 20% a pinene but more equal. that is why i came to check terpene profiles on ghs.

I had the idea that terpenes would be genotypical BUT when you compare the earth vs hydro the terpene profiles vary wildly.

So my questions:

with the Jack Herrer were they the same genotype eg same mother clone ? or were they separately seeded, different geno?

Did both clones grow in the same room?

If both had the same environment and genotype, the feeding regime will make far more important then i anticipated.

At the moment im growing 3 cheese girls that i want to hook up with white label doublegum as both are quite different in taste but similar in growth eg mostly Indica..

well hope for some input here..

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hi man, nice project you seem to have ^^ indeed with the terpene test growers are able to do now it will a new interesting point of view in breeding ^^

for the videos, normally es they are clones from the same mother and grown in the same room both. And so yes i think the nutrient regiment and overall conditions of the room will be very ilmportant in the final terpene results, don't think that it is genotypical, well not totally, it must be in the big lines a little genotypical but not to a define level.

Hope you'll have some nice input too good luck man show us your cheese growing ;)

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Hi Dust, they appear to be sleeping right now....

wanted to grow outdoor but no sun so put some cfls, panda film and a small fan in the cellar.

They have grown far better then the two others i left in the window sill.

Straight in seeding soil, it took them 5 days to pop their heads will show pics when they wake up.

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es it's posible on android to have some little problems. if you don't solve it maybe try to upload on something like image shack and then post it here if it works for upload on android

good luck man

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well planted those beans in seeding soil 1st of may, they showed their selves the 5th of may.

I wanted to grow outside but not seeing any sun outside, I put them under some cfls.

put them in coco bags they seem to grow quite well

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