Caboose Indoor grow (150w cfl + 600w Hps)

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I was reading through some grow reports and I thought someone should log a grow report on the Caboose that GHS are going to be releasing on the market.

I was lucky enough to receive a pack of Caboose seeds to enter into the outdoor cup so I thought why not grow some indoors too and review this little fat gem. I'll grow these out using nothing but the GHS Mostly Indica Powder Feed

Ive heard from Urbanninja that the Caboose includes a purple pheno, hope im lucky enough to find something different, you never know there could be something more extra special in there.

Anyway im going away for few days and will be starting this report once im back, looking at 5-6 June for planting indoors.

(Outdoor Caboose grow starting 1 June, check it out).


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thanks for opening a journal man good luck with those babies i hope you will get the purple pheno ;)

Have a good grow keep us updated

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Im in too.....and Gd Luck for the Seedtest.....just thought to open 1 by myself cause i still got Cabose beans left from the Indoor Cup..... yes Dust letz hope to see some more of this wicked Purp Pheno sadly my future Mommy didnt survive the Winter :(

Have a gd Grow Ninjas Couch is parked over here :D

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Hi urban cheers for popping by, i hope these beans contain that lovely looking pheno too. When during the grow did you start to noice the purple hues?

Was it late in flowering or at the beginning.

Am i reading this right, did you say that you lost the purple pheno due to cold weather??

I hope not, that would be really sad man.

Dust cheers for popping by too, it'll be interesting to see how these grow and compete indoors and outdoors.

Am i right in thinking that Caboose has at least some resistency to mould/disease, i think i remember reading

somewhere that they had some resistence outdoors??

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Reconized it mid flowering glad i cutted Clones from all the Ladys before i put them in Flower.... well i think chances are gd cause over here 2 of 3 Purpled :D

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