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Goin to the ´dam on Friday for 1st time

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Hi i´m new here. So <I´m going to amsterdam with a friend for 4 days! we want to have a good time! Smoke some weed and maybee drink some beer.

Some question for the Dam Gurus

50 euros per day per person , can we live with that. Just to eat Smoke and drink.

It is worth buying the Iamsterdam card?

what coffee shops we should go?

It´s worth to go on some pubcrawls?

What should we do? opens for ideas!


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if the 50e is without the sleeping then yes i think it is possible, will not be the biggest smoking day of your life probably, but if you buy weed by small doses you'll be able to test a lot of strains :)

for the places to go have a look in the other threds of the room there are amny lists of nice coffees and things to do.

For the food it depends where you go but you will find store for food everywhere day and night, the pizzeria most fo the times are pretty cheap, some fast food too is not too expensive compared to a restaurant, and in some coffeshops like GHS Centrum they sell food too.

And for the card don't know never took it lways done everything by foot ^^

Have a good trip man! and welcome on the forum

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I remember how I felt before I went my first time ;) I understand your sheer excitement my friend :) The way I see it, you can drink legally pretty much anywhere on earth and alcohol can leave you in a knot the next day, so when it comes to the Dam you don't want to drink, just smoke and enjoy. The chances of wasting a day in bed due to hangovers are a reality :) If you can drink and bounce back the next day or if your just out there to rip it then go for it man and get absolutely mauled ;)

Whatever you decide...

Good luck and god speed ;)

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Yeah I think you´re right , It´s better to stick to the the smoke then.

But what are ,in your opinion the best spots. Smoke and eat. what is worth to do ?


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