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how to keep humidity low?

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i have a question. a friend of mine wants to grow indoors, but the humity is to high and it needs to be lowered. I looked at some humidifiers and they are expensive. what method can he use. it's a warm country. so they told me i can use an airconditioning. what would you do?

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No plants yet, because to high humidity in the room. But thank you for the info man. I will tell him. Peacee!!

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You can vent it out with a fan. Sometimes when you have loads of plants it can still be an issue in the later stages.

High humidity is not really an issue until you reach the latter weeks of veg time. Humidity should be lowered then. It can even go as far as week 3 of flowering without major issues. If the dehumidifiers are too expensive (Tell me about it, I had to buy 2 of the fucking things) then think about charcoal? Ive heard it can reduce the moisture in the air :)

Remember though, the plant produces trichromes to protect itself from the harsh arid, low humidity so the longer you put it off the longer it takes for thick trichromes (This is what i have read) :)

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Seriously, that's good to know man, this is why i opened this topic. To learnn, i will tell my buddy this info a d thank u man. Peacee!!

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yes i think charcoal works like gonzo said, otherwise you can build a dehumifier yourselves with big Salts containers etc.. but don't know if it works as good as a real one. The elctric ones are pretty expensive, but if you buy the small dehumifier with just 2 tablets of salts to put in a plastic holder it cost usually around 20€.

But anyway the key is not really the humidity in the room but the air system he will choose, i have personally lived in a house when i started growing where the humidity at night was going to 100% which is very bad for both plants and me ^^ but anyway i had since my beginning invested in the complete ventilation system, intractor, extractor and fans in your growroom. If you take everything in the correct proportion and have a good airflow in the room and the extractor running 24/7 normally your friend should be fine.. well at least i never had moist with the 100% at night so no one should haha ;) ;)

Good luck to your friend, i also move your thread to a more correct room here is only for GHS infos ;)

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Hee Dust, that is what i told him from the beginning. The ventilation is one of the most important things. Because if the lamp is on, the heat vaperizes the water and the fan just pushes it out. And i told him to keep it on 24/7. Thank u man. I will give him the info again. Peacee!!!

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