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help please

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hello Jman, the EC is the Electro Conductivity of your water, it calculates the strength of your nutrient mix, basically the more nutes you have in your ater, the higher the EC is. It is very usefull for growers, especially in Hydro systems, in soil it is not the most important tool, but it's always good to have one ^^

NPK are the 3 main nutrient Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium they are the element you ill find in higher dose in your bottles as they are the main nutrient :) You should have a look in the book section of the forum and read one of the growing bible, or all of them ;) And yu will get used to all those terms and be more ready to grow :)

Have a good day

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Some times your EC is often measured in dissolved solids at the parts per million scale. Your PPM directly corolates to your EC. If your PPM is 1540 than your EC is 22. The higher the ppm the higher the EC. If u see someone refer to ppm don't panic. Your ppm will tell you what your EC is and vice versa. Im sure there is a conversion chart here. If not I'll make one

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