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First Time Grow, Colour change on leaf stems after switch to 12/12

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Symptom: Stem Rot? Colour change on leaf stems off of main branch, purple in some areas(browner hue in pictures)

Age: 6 weeks

Medium: Soil

Feeding: No brand name, but very light nutrients.

Temps: Hover around upper 78F

Lights: CFLS

Distance from lights: Range by 1-3inches

So as the title says, this is me and my brothers first grow. We have just a simple auto flowering Lemon Skunk x Ruderalis seed and it has been going decently in our little grow box in the basement. After a large growth spurt I noticed that the pistils were poking their heads out and so after a lot of reading, searching, and a good bit of hesitation I switched her over to a 12/12 light cycle according to the what the seed maker suggested.

After a full day/night cycle I checked on her again and besides a lot more growth (my best guess would be pre-flower stretch?) I have noticed a change in the hue on the stems of the fan leaves off the main branches. They seem to be light in purple colour in some areas and varying in darkness the farther down the plant and depending on area.

The only thing I can find is stem rot but none of the colour changes wrap around, it is just on the tops of the steams facing the lights. Also it is not a brown/black colour, atleast not yet.

So far we've learned and enjoyed so much we already have more seeds on the way, it would really hurt to drop the ball switching from veg to flowering haha.

Any help is much appreciated.

**EDIT** After some more searching it seems that It could either be a potassium deficiency OR stress on the plant from drastic temp changes at night. Will try some solutions to boost K intake if they have gotten worse by next check up.



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hi man, well i will not say it is Normal, but you don't have to worry about color change like this on the stem. It could be due to a few things, like temperature drop between your day temps, and your night temps,if you have over 10° diference the stem will often grow a little purplish like this, and the leaves too in end of flow. It could also be due to genetics trait, like the Vanilla Kush for example i don't think i remember seeing her without purple stems anywhere on the net ^^ And finally and it is what happens in most case, a very slight deficiency or PH fluctuation COULD also cause something like this, but it doesn't mean your plant is dieing ;) Just increase a very little the doses if you think the nute problem is the one concerning you :)

Good luck man

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It appears to have been caused by the temperature drop we had over night. Was there for lights on (oh boy was I worried) and more growth and the purpling colour didn't change to a brown or a black. Big relief for me and the brother.

If others have an issue like this I can say to check temp differences first before messing with your nutes :P

Thank you for the help Dust!

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All in all this in not the Ph at all ^^ thats first up

Back in days we were calling them Nuteshighways. This Sympthom happens wenn the plant is working on high pressure it shows in these red clours some Strains have it more some Less my friend could explain this for u in microbilogical rightness but for my smoked Brain i heard it to long ago to tell it right :P

Dont be panic about it its a good thing to see on ur Plants :)

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