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Caboose Official Seed Test Urbanninja 16.06.2013

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Hi and welcome to another Seed Test of Urban Ninja.......

As my other Seedtest of the Flower Bomb Kush is sadly 3/10 i have some Space left in my Tents and i thought why not doing a 4th Run with the Caboose..... surely one of my Favorites from the new Genetics........as some of You might remember the Purple Pheno of it :D

Well i got some Beans left and 2 of em going into this Seedtest to hopefully show You the Purple Pheno Again which is " The Lady" to search in that Strain...........Setup as usual Cupboard with 36 w Lsr for the Seedlings ....Darkroom 60 with 200 Cfl for the Veggie and the Homebox Xl in Summer Modus with only :( 400w..... but as i know the Caboose she vegs slow she surely will get the Full Power Again ;)

Ok here we go with the Strain Representation!!!!!!

Strain : Caboose Genetcs as far as the Master told us for the World Cup Big Bud x Trainwreck.

Plant Structure: Small Bushy Indica with Dense Rock hard Buds.

Phenotypes: So far i discovered thru the Indoor World Cup that Caboose is a pretty Unique Growing Strain. The only two Phenotypes in diffrent Growth Structure i discovered was: Pheno #1 A real Indica type of Bush Short Internodes Broad Leaves and a Slow but Strong Growth.

Pheno #2 A Hybrid that had the Look of the Old Big Bud with a it longer Internodes and thinner Leaves.

Both Phenos had really dense Buds and Pheno #1 was the Lady in Purple the Babe to search....

16.6.2013 Today i threw 2 Caboose Seeds into a Glass of Water. As usual i will let them soak over Night and then ill put them Between a Papertowel till they Crack and i see a big Tap Root...... so far here a few Closeups and the Calendar for the Seedtest.....whoever came on the idea and made it big Hugs i like that thing u can organize everything so gd seeing it everytime in front of ya by making new Update ;) so here we go Caboose Baby ;)



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Thx Dust...well the Caboose is a Genetic letz say i live in a Symbiosis with ...She loves me and i love Her thats why i thought letz give the Forum another chance to see some Purple ;)

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Yeah I am growing Caboose now for the first time and after switching from the useless outdoor experiments back to my grow room AND getting fresh soil - Bio canna Terra I am slowly but surely digging the way these plants develop. Already way over a month old they are in very different stages but the most advanced is showing pre-flowers finally and is really fattening up, sideways with huge leaves and shooting out fresh pairs of leaves like a machine gun.. . Another pheno is tall like a male but with a strong stem while the one that worried me most with steady yellowing leaves is lowly shaping up real cute. Nothing beats a grow room with HPS imo - at least if you are not living in southern spain or the tropics of course...or got a special nice sunny sheltered place with optimal sunlight ..

So will be nice to watch your grow journal and see ho it performs under regular conditions ..

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Due to the Circumstances that i cant finish this Run before the Date of my Move to the Netherlands this Test is Closed till September then i will come Back with a Mother Line of the Caboose cause as i said so often this Strain is a Keeper for a Kush lover ;) Sry but i didnt expect tings with the Move go so fast thought it will be End of the Year now its September when i have to Move but then ill be Back with a Monster Setup and new Rooms hehe so far Damnesia Money Maker and Urbs Ninja Garden Threads still runnin and theres a lot of Budporn to see ;)

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