Aspirin In The Garden?

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So, I've decided against watering my plants with aspirin for a few reasons.

1. It takes too long and is nearly impossible for me to find anything that I'd deem as credible in terms of watering the plants with aspirin.

Most of the info that I've found refers to foliar treatment. I'd assume it's that way for a reason.

So with that said, tomorrow I'll be applying an aspiring foilar, but only to some of the older larger fan leaves, and a squirt at the base of them stems.

But I won't be spraying any flowers.

2. I don't know if I feel comfy flooding the soil eco with salicylic acid, you ill pass. For sure some other time tho.

Will update as to how it goes.


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Seems to me like a measured dose, such as

aspirin would be much less likely to overdose verses stripping some bark off a tree with god only knows how much acid in it and make a foliage spray. It just makes since to me that a measured dose is better than a guess. Ijs

the analogy is good as the amount of acid in bark varys alot but in this case and in many synthetic vs organic it might not be true. aspirin is not ecatly the same chemically it has asetylsalicylic acid C9H8O4and the organic salisylic acid in the bark is C7H6O3 so the plant might react to them in very different way stronger or weaker per weight, and the solubility of organic salisylic acid to water is 200mg/100 ml at 20c that means the max amount you can dissolve in the water, it gives a guideline to what is max dose when using it. the aspirin dissolves 100mg/100 ml at 20c meaning the 500mg tablet needs atleast half liter to dissolve in water

+there are many other plant metabolites in the bark that could be effecting the way salisylic acid works making it harder to overdose, dont forget the chemistry in cannabinoids and how complicated it is:) synthetic version is not nice

tho that is just a theory why it could be better, i have never tested neither of them:)

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А это было бы как раз к стати - использовать что-то безвредное во время цветения

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