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Busted =(!

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Hey family I hope your day is better then my have been.

Today at the night cops break up my apartment door and 4 officers come in. They say that customs have seen that I got a lot of packed whit seeds from Holland, Amsterdam. And we are gonna do a house search. My wife and baby got so scared but the officers was very nice and respectful to me and my family.

I told them I collaborates and told them that my grow op is in the kitchen and where my rolling stuff was. Plus where a small bag of weed. They take a statement from me and my wife, as well they take urine sample of us both (only me positive). Under the time they kill all my plants and smash up my lamps and hydropots, pump etc etc and put everything in big black bag´s. They ask if I have more grow equipment some very and if I have seeds and weed. I told them that I have some spare parts in the basement and the seeds are in my refrigerator I have some literature next to my bed and weed I dont have (tap´t out) ;).

And I ask them whats gonna happened now? They say I have two options!, first if I acknowledge my crime I will only get a ticket based on my income and the grow gear and plants taken away from me. Second option is the reverse of option one they take me to the police house and then a prosecutors decide if I should be detained or released and that there will be a trial. Easy pick, option one :D.

But back to the moment Im super sad and my wife is sad too. It fills like our life have been raped :(. We fill like we only want to pack a bag and take the baby and move to a good place. All I know is cannabis and too cook. Someone needs a personal grower/chef ??

Some fun things about the bust is that they leave a lot of things or miss!? Half the went system, all feeding and meters some bubble hash bags and all the stuff in the basement. Plus all my rolling stuff, grinders papers pipes etc etc. Before they go from my apartment one cop looks at me and say in that big black bag is all the medium, I say ok I trow it. They go. Me and wifey looks at the mess and start to clean up (trying to keep the mood up) and when I open the black bag I see all my seeds. They dont take them, I still have my seedbank.

I dont know whats gonna happened now or tomorrow but one thing I do know is that I never gonna stop to grow or smoke, my wife is 100% behind me and support my hobby/life. Strainhunters is my second family and I love what Arjan and Franco is doing. Strainhunters changes my life in 360. You guys learn me to grow and be a better person and for that I owe my life to you guys.

Have a great week everybody and keep them growths up and running for the cause and fight.

Best regards

Jimmy whit family.

PS; I will keep you guys updated about everything.

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Jimmy, is very sad all that shit that happend to you... i feel sorry... good that you have some stash left, and that fighter attitude that is an exemple for us all!!! Best luck for the future. peace

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really sorry to hear that mate!!! im kinda in same boat myself as of today, :fie: fucking sucks eh iv shut all down just posting my last pics now, hope to see you on here still tho mate il be on still looking around, this day sucks I thaught I couldn't get worse til I saw your post mate,,FUCKING :angry: arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!! il be looking out for your updates mate,,

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So sorry this happened to you man. And I can relate with you in regards to the passion that you express.

Luckily this isn't something that's gonna separate you family and ruin your life brother.

Luckily you've got your stash of genetics still!

Now to live and to learn and adapt to the times.

To survive and conquer.

Now you begin the chess game.

I can't imagine having to move your entire family to continue working but....yeahh....

Beautiful things is that your wonderful wife is supporting you as she should be.

After all, you're not a criminal. If anything you're another soldier in a war against the real organized criminals.

Big Brother.

Be blessed though, you and your entire family.

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Hey Jimmy my man , so sorry to hear about the news. You putting on a brave front man , i would be devastated if that ever happened to me. Keep on growing buddy and keep your positive attitude. It rocks.

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Jag känner med dig bror. Som du vet hände det mig oxå. Vad att göra eller att säga? Well, ny utrustning kan fås igen och frön lika lätt. Du kan alltid starta upp när du känner dig mera säker.

Synd som fan, det känns skit efter en polis-täkt. Lyft huvudet högt och se framåt. Än är inte dina dagar som odlare över

Lycka till Bror.

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That's a real fucking shame Jimmy, just shows you cannot let your guard down for a minute he buggers. The reason i moved to the Netherlands 5 years back. Worse case if you don't take the piss is a slap on the hands and your equipment destroyed if your unlucky in NL , and if you do get busted you have to buy it at the shop for a while.

Your english seems quite good, you could get a job if you have two languages in the Netherlands no problem, and you can clearly use a computer . Check out top language jobs failing that whats your hourly rate ?

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Damn man that's sad news :( At least they were civil with you and didn't act like complete pricks.

I admire you dude for your strength and resistance ;) Keep up the good fight and remember your online family are right behind you all the way :) May one day we will all smoke and grow without this corrupt and oppressive system that is making criminals out of decent people

You have my utmost respect my friend, take care :)

Gonzo ;)

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Thanks for all the support family. Sorry if I dont answer you guys post by post but Im still very sad and have a hard time to stay happy.

Peace & Smoke

A blue Jimmy

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oh Hell no!!! i´m so sry to hear that bro, keep your head up... faster as you think you will set it up from new and start again some beautiefull ladies... you did the best as you told them instatly where the stuff is, otherwise your wife and baby would get much more scared, thats how a true man reacts alwys his Family as first ;)

my fingers are crossed wish you all the best

regard Joe

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Man, don't even worry about answering individually. We all feel for you dude. If I could give you my spare stuff to setup again I would but it's an obvious logistical issue :)

Again take care and no need to write back ;)

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damn very sorry to read this Jimmy!! like some said at least you had the chance to get on pretty civic cops at least that left to you some of the things of the house, voluntarly or not ^^ but it still sucks!! I hope you will bounce back rapidly and that baby and wife will quickly forget this bad day for another better one :)

Best of luck bro all our thinking goes to you!!

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Sorry to hear brotha! What site were you getting your seeds from and what country do you reside in? These are pretty beneficial questions to us all in the community so we can learn from your experience. Cheers

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Hey Jimmy

That really sad news..

I feel with u mate.

But ur right never let u stop living ur life cause of otherminded ppl :)

have a good day


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Hi bro that make long time I dont come on this forum! And what i see when I come back.... I had the cops at home too, I know how it feels! The wheel always turns, then its good days to come for you, your wife and child!

Best of luck man and stay strong!!

Peace bro!!

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