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Budget CFL grow gogogo!!!

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yo scout recon this will be the last time you see me use copper wire LOL... honestly it did do a great job training the plant after the stocks grew for a few days maybe 6-7 they were bulging out past the copper wire.... They are permanetly set in there bends now more or less.... but I wonder if I choked off the plants system of fluid transfer or what ever ya call how the plant runs nutes up the stem and crap down and so on..... after a week with the copper wire on I decided it would be waaaay to much work to re apply the copper around the branches... and as I mentioned before I am kinda scared about the negative effects... if ya look close at the stem shot pictures you can still see the barber shop spiral around the branches where the copper was.






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The girls are looking amazing!


I am thinking about laying a metal fence like thing over the top to flatten them out 1 last time before I flip to flower.


been feeding general hydroponic 3 part nutes and keeping the ppms down low(-200) so the plant will not grow out of control. PH is at 6-6.5


Hoping to ramp the nutes up alot higher before I switch to flower rite now I am just trying to nurse her back to health and I think by the looks of her I am about there.


What do you think?








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nice little roots growing man, gonna make one big ball at harvest ;)  and the plant has grown very nicely getting more and more bushy.


have a good grow

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If you are having trouble with some wayward tips being too high and you still want to flatten the canopy top before flowering, why not trim the offending tops and make them the new clones for the next batch?

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yo CannabisSapeaon I have been doing the kyle kushman methad of twisting the stems opposite ways with both hands till it pops then bend it to where I want it lol... and I already flipped to flower a few days back... I did some mass prunning of every branch that has no chance of making it to the cannopy level. I also took some clones at the same time I cloned these girls and got them sitting on the side growing under 1 cfl lamp lol. pretty amazing the difference of growth between 1 lamp and 12 lololol.


I have been giving equal parts of general hydroponics nutes to the flowering plants as the bottle says for transition to flowering.

been keeping the ph at 6.5'ish as much as possible with lemon juice to bring it down.


I am really happy with hose tight the nodes are after I flipped to flower. hoping the plant wont grow to much taller since I am outa room height wise in my grow box lolol.


bumped the ppms to 400'ish


and now onto the pictures!






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still looking good man :) If the height really gets out of control you can still add a Net and make it a scrog it will help you flatten the canopy :)


but so far she looks god and we'll see how the light perform in flowering :)

Have a good grow

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This one clone is the same age as the plant I am currently pushing into flower.


Obviously using 1 cfl lamp to grow makes a huge difference... seems more light = more plant... pretty sure we all knew this already though hehe...


about the height dust I am crossing my fingers and hoping in the next few weeks the weight of the plant its self will begin to hold it down so I can give the copper wire and training a break lol and just let the plant do its thing.



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for sure we can see the dif between 1 bulb VS many bulbs, looks much better on the other one ;) but well for clone making the second would be kind of enough if you manage to keep them more compact in space :)

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The next generation is looking nice and healthy for the most part.


I switched them from 1 CFL 23w pushing 1600 lumens at 5000k wave length to a cheap LED Chinese fixture and a small T8 natural daylight lamp assuming they will get more lumens from the bigger lights lol... The t8 does not say lumens specifics but I assume its more light and possibly a broader spectrum possibly with UV radiation the cfl did not provide... will update on how the growth goes.


These clones are from the same batch as the 3 blue cheese's that are almost a week into flower now at this point that I am featuirng on this thread now.


any input would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!







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As far as the bigger 3 lady's are doing....  I can hardly spot a yellow leaf on them...

I am really excited to see how the "Main Event" goes myself... 

They are stacking so nice and tight that I can hardly believe it!!!

The over all thickness is sooo much thicker than the last time around and I assume that is because I am feeding them a more full diet of nutrients...

The girls have grown so much that the lamp can not go any higher and the plants branches are actually touching both sides of its enclosure... if the images upload in the correct order the last pic shows how it barely fits into the container anymore and this is only week 1~!~! of flower~!~!

I got a little root porn this time for those who enjoy that kinda thing hehehhe...

Thank you all so far for your awesome input and positive support!







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Thank you Smokeythabear!


I do not understand why more people who grow small scale for personal medicine do not use CFL's.


at first I did not think they would do that well but after my last grow I know they can push out tight nuggets just as well as a HPS or Metal Halide with much less heat.. attention.. power use and over all start up costs.


I personally feel they are much safer than a HID lamp that is just hanging free and waiting to expload and burn the house down lol... when these guys reach the end of there life they flicker and stop working =P


no fire no boom no flaming hot liquid metals...

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Nice set up , technique & grow :)

I have used CFL set ups in the past and got good results. I used them in small gows 18" x 18"  and they were perfect.

Using cool white & daylight CFL's keep plants nicely compact and warm whites for flower.

In later micro grows I addeda 70W Hps to the mix, but it was only 30 pounds. The HPS was added to 184W (8 x 23W) of normal household CFL's.

Great job bluesky.

I'll be sure to pop back for an update ;)

Have a good grow :D

Peace & smokes


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Thank you Lamsbread for the mad props!

Finally got around to doing a much needed pruning and re directing of the branches. Pulled everything off the lower parts of the plant to clear up air flow and picked all the damaged fan leaves off. Also I cut off allot of small shoots below the main canopy level I am aiming to grow out. My going theory is along the lines of if its not producing buds now whats another few weeks gonna do besides waste energy and risk rot in the bush...

I am hoping the stretch is finished seeing as this plant is touching all 4 edges of the box now!

Got the node spacing on a few branches down to 2 nodes per inch for the first few inches!

Her PPM's were just slightly above my tap water at 100ppm today before I pruned her.

After pruning I gave her 3ML Flora Micro, 1.5ML Flora Grow, 4.5ML Flora Bloom for a  total PPM of 180 for the time being.

This plant seems to be really sensitive to nute spikes in this sort of hydro system.





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Lady Blue Cheese is really kicking it into over drive! Starting to see the formations of Tri-combs already!

Bumped up the food and the light.... was ruffly pushing 16k lumen before I stuck a few more cfl bulbs in there for the under side of the plant.

Should b around 18.5k lumen at the moment... alot of it is in the blue spectrum though... got all my 2700k lamps added at the moment..

need some more.... dunno for sure though if the larger output of the blue bulbs lumen wise would make up for the wrong spectrum =P the 2700k's put out 600 lumens less per bulb...

Set the ph to 6.5 with lemon juice as my acid...

onto the pics~






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