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First of all, I am from Japan and cannabis (hemp) has been part of our lives for centuries until after the WW2.

Due to the pre-existance of cannabis on the volcanic island, I thought Japan would be a great place to find some interesting genetics.

Especially in the southern islands of Japan (Okinawa, and the rest of the little island surround it) because of the weather condition and rich volcanic soil which is a perfect condition for cannabis to grow.

What does everyone else think??? :bye:

Yukiman :biggrin:

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there was indeed some little story i've read about japan and cannabis, i think some tribes in the mountains at the samurai time had some fields growing to make teas etc.. but i don't know precisly where and when would be nice to know i have 1/4 japanese blood ;)

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Dust- I do have strong feelings about the southern island of Japan, Okinawa Region. I came across a strain called "Shiatsu Kush" which came from Amami Ōshima.

I, myself, is half Japanese and Thai! :biggrin:

Undutched- I saw that on VICE as well!! It was great to know more about the Japanese Cannabis Culture! It is still very illegal in Japan but due to legalisation is the U.S, I hope Japan will start thinking about legalising or decriminalising soon!

Great post so far! lets keep it up! :bye:

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There is a Japanese Cannabis Association, JCA, where they have underground competition, however, I still cannot find any information about it. Must be very private and well hidden. If anyone knows about it, please post! Thanks everyone!

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With all due respect to the previous discussions about the southern region of Japan I will say that I was a little disappointed in 2012.  I went with my instincts in Tokyo and had better luck with the brothers shooting hoops in Yoyogi park and I was not in Okinawa for long so there is my disclaimer.  Long story short, my surfer buddies knew the real deal and directed me way North to Hokkaido.  There are some interesting hemp forests there that any true cultivar would want to take a look at.  Medical hemp is all the rage now because it is high in CBD's and I'm sure that some young enthusiastic medical exploratory botanist will find it.  Also there has to be some high grade hiding in there because it is possible to find some outdoor buds almost everywhere.


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