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Hello, Im new here and need a few answers.

Im going to build a grow box in my shed. Could I use a 150W bulb to grow two plants and would it be enough heat during winter during winter in Ireland(cold, mostly just wet and above freezing)?

Could I grow two different strains next to eachother once there both female?

I live in a housing estate, how can i stop the oder? And would it be risky to put this grow box in a shed because of police helicopters?


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growing in a shed is always going to be troublesome.. especially when you get such extreme weather fluxes. tins sheds arent usually that insulated.

so ill throw a few questions back at you,

is the shed insulated?

how much weed are you intending to grow?

what type of system are you planning on using?Hydro or soil, auto feed or hand water?

are helicopters a real issue? because i dont think you can hide a grow room from a heat sensor. altho i think i seen once a tent made out of stuff that heat cant be detected.. must have been in a high times some where.

most personal grows start with a 400watt globe

i have a small wardrobe 1200x600 with a 400hps and 2 pot recirc hydro system, i yield around 6-10 ounces from it every 3 months, when im not using the set up for mother plants.

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Thanks for the reply! No the shed isnt insulated, I was going to grow two plants, not sure about the strain yet, but it probably won't be an autoflower. I was going to go with soil and hand water, im not going to spend too much money on my first grow room but not going to be scabby and id rather be safe... I could possibly make a grow box in the house but iv a young anti-drug girl in the house,so I need it to be completely hidden because her friends come over and im afraid that they will tell there parents and report me. Can anyone give me any ideas on what to do?

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seems like a no go situation

the shed not being insulated will be subject to extreme cold.. pretty much if its freezing out side.. it will be inside too.

then when you harvest how are you going to dry and manicure?

if you can sit in the shed comfortably with out wearing thermal clothing, then the plants will be fine, as they like the same temps we do.

the better option would be to set up in the house where the ambient temps are more human so the plants wont suffer.

for odour control youll need to make some kind of carbon filter with an extraction fan, altho for most of the time it wont smell much at all.. but come half way through flowering, it will start to stink.

seems like your in an impossible situation here really.

a grow room isnt something you can easily hide from a room mate, because come harvest time, where are you going to trim, how will you dry. if its too cold out side the weed wont dry that well..

some one else might have some better ideas for growing in colder weather..

but with out heating and with out insulation in that shed i dont know how you would go about this.

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Thanks again for your reply. I could put them inside as long as there not seen and as for harvesting them, i could do that when shes not there and as for curing i could use an old wardrobe or something? Its just once she doesnt see it, she knows im doing this, just doesnt want anything to do with it or see it that's why i thought the shed would be a good idea but obviously not, so i just need some advice on setting up a grow box, im only growing two plants so i dont need too much space.

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my suggestion would be to set up a wardrobe.

you should be able to find one in second hand shop or something.


thats a guide i done a while ago to set up a wardrobe with a 600watt and 2 pot recirc hydro system

but you can change it to suit the wardrobe you get, most arent that big for a 600watt a 400watt might be better.

disregard the hydro system set up as you wont need any of that if youre hand watering in soil.

youll still need to set up some sort of carbon filter for the smell

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Thanks very much for all your help!

Your best bet is some solid binge reading between this forum and all the others that there are :)

Everything you want to know is at your fingertips brother, and there are hundreds of pics on the net that could give you a better idea of where to go, than any answers you get will :) And if you plan on growing in soil you need good soil mix. If you plan on feeding the plants with synthetic nutrients, your soil mix doesn't have to be as solid, but will still need to drain well. If you don't wanna use synthetic nutrients you need a soil organic soil mix.

Just thought I'd mention that bcuz if you are gonna go with soil, you have the choice of an organic grow. Or a regular grow. You can't mix the two tho.

But both are winning choices IMO.

But it's simple enough to grow once you understand the basics :)

You have to really apply yourself initially, then as you grow things will fall into place :)

Use Bing or Scroogle and look up images for grow cabinets or wardrobes.

If you budget allows for it, your best option is to skip all that and get a grow tent.

They're the best option if you can't dedicate your whole room to growing, and they allow for environmental controls(temps/humidity)a lil better than a closet.

Just my 2 cents!

Most important thing to keep in mind is that there are SO MANY different ways of doing this.

What works best for me might not work as good for you, so it's all a process :)


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i'm with sukon in a shed you will almost always have a troubles with the temp fluctuations if it's not insulated, but it would work, for the 150w if it's a CFL it will not heat the room enough you need a good HPS if the temps are really cold, and even with this it is not sure that it gets to the point you need, one of the only way would be to settle the room without plant yet and run it for a few days and see how it reacts :)

Best of luck

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