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Begginer (Jack Herrer) - please advise

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Dear all,

please help me out with my Jack Herrer (JH) process, if there is anything else I should know, change, implement ...

I will be using big PVC pots (same as growing tomato), on my south side balcony outdoors.

Soil: http://www.biobizz.c...strates/all-mix

Fert: http://www.biobizz.c.../starterspacktm

1.I'll germinate the seeds from this guide: http://www.greenhous...structions.html

2. Then put it directly on my pots

3. I'll be following Biobizz starting pack fert. instructions

4. Will flush it on week 3, 6 & final flush before harvesting

5. There will be no trimming

6. Harvest, dry & cure: http://www.strainhun...ring-step-step/


- please correct me if there is something missing for amateur beginner growing or any better growing techniques?

- how much watering is there besides Biobizz instructions - only observing the plant?

- when to start counting the days of flowering and start with fert.?

- does that means my germination should finish in AUG (JH flowering finish end of SEP)?

- should I trim leaves not connected to buds?

Thank you in advance! Enjoy.

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well looks more or less like you have everything for a nice start, with time and experiences you ill probably modify it and add somethings, but to start and get use to the plant it is good, maybe you might want a little flowering booster like the greensensation to add during week 3 4 and sometimes 5 of flowering it does help alittle the biobizz line which i find a little light for flowering, but it still works really nice and healthy with the biobizz line alone.

Also the All mix soil is very nice but kind of too strong, if you take this one make sure to not feed too much at the beginning and don't start at least before the 2nd to 3rd week of veg usually. Unless your plants ask fr more earlier and in this case you can feed, but always wait for the plant to ask before starting to feed.

for the watering yeah watch the plants it is your best indicator :) with time you will learn to act a very little before the plant ask fr it, but first there is the observation phase :)

And for the flowering days i start counting when the first real preflowers start to appear.

Good luck man :)

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Dust thanks for your support.

I'll maybe choose a lighter soil.

Can't wait to start and learn throughout the process! :)

What about powder feeding for the hybrids?

OK, starting counting flowering when I'll see preflowers ... Than it needs 9 weeks.

1 more question: should I germinate and put seeds in soil in JUL or JUN or even before?

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yes for sure if you are willing to try the PF the JH will love it!

for the germination it depends where you live, basically when your temps outside will get higher than 10-15° during night you can start to put your plants outside. if you have the setup to do it you can also veg for a 1 or 2 week indoor first to keep them safe and then transfer them outdoor.

Good luck man

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Hi guys,

below I'm posting one pic. of my Jack Herer ... Don't know why, but I'm assuming that fertilizers are the problem - spray Vita Race (Plagron).

Please advise, what do you think?!


I started adding fert. (followed the schedule - from the 2nd week of growing (today the plant is 3 1/2 weeks old):

I applyed a little less fert. because of the young plant and weather ATM.

Thank you for all the help and answers.

Best regards & enjoy.


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Looking good man, they have a nice green, the burn if they dont spread too much dont worry, just make sure to give them a good watering with only water every few feeding ;)


Have a good grow man

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Thank you Dust.

I'm still a learner, so every "strange" sign on a plant makes me questioning ...

I'll do my best and report every so and then :)

Kind regards!

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OK, despite the worst weather this summer - 10 days w/o rain and maybe 5 with sun :/ ... I manage to put something small with my JH.

The trichomes started to change colour from milky to amber, so I've started the harvesting.

Like I said, I'll be following this guide to the final product:

Some pics from today:


Thanks for all the help and enjoy.

PS: if someone have some info. about the best pen vaporizer for herbs, please advise  :)

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