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Greetings to all my brothers an sisters. I am blessed to finally have some pictures of some of my grow and this beautiful sativa strain im working with. The plants are still young but are pure females.. Il have more pictures an descriptions about the strain coming. MORE FIRE

The Ethiopian Highland was first grown in the highlands of Tanzania, where in my opinion the strain had different characteristics from what it is today. The strain was brought to Ethiopia in the time of the emperor Haile Selassie I's rule and was cultivated and inbred in and around the city of Shashemene by the Rastafari. The plant starts life with characteristics of indica genetics with large leaves and gradually starts to transform into the sativa traits, finishing with spear shaped buds which range from different colours from light greens, dark green with redish orange tints.

There are two distinct phenotypes in this strain, one growing tall with far in between nodes an producing slim buds. The other grows short with indica traits, usually produces more weight on the buds and end result is a much better smoke. I been collecting my seeds from Rastafari brothers who bring the herb an seeds across the border. This sativa landrace can be considered one of the shorter variety from the other taller growing African sativas. The loss of height could be due to the highlands of Ethiopia and cold climates forcing the plants to take on indica traits.













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Thanks for sharing your pictures man! How did you get your hands on those seeds? i know you said more infos would come later :P But we want to know ;) ;)

The ladies are looking good, not the most sativas leaves i've seen for sure but looking nice! we'll see how they develop with age and maturity :)

Have a good grow man

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Hi folks.. i decided to flower two plants from the bath of girls about two weeks ago, looks like the flowering stage has started...








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well i hope they will give you some nice flowers :) but fro now they are looking really good :)

Have a good grow

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